Mere Angne Mein 26th April 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anupam asking Riya not to cry, they are bad people, I will do police complain. He says marriage broke, life did not end, don’t cry. She says I don’t care for them, but think about Shivam and my relation, it was so weak that ended with just a sign. He says you tried to find diamond in soil, everyone is same. She says I won’t go office. He says we have spoke to them with good values, now we have to talk to them in their language, then they will understand. He goes. Riya sees Shivam’s pic and gets sad.

Shivam comes and hears Shanti saying I have taken Riya’s sign, Anupam insulted me a lot, what shall I say what happened there. Sarla asks Shivam not to take Riya’s name again, Anupam is ready to do her second marriage in six months, he said he will get better guy than Shivam. Preeti says I did not think Riya can fall so low. Raghav comes home. Preeti says Riya ruined my and Nimmi’s lives and now Shivam’s. Raghav asks who is ruining whose life, is there anyone’s life who needs to be ruined, what happened. Shanti cries and says Riya wants divorce from Shivam. He says fine, Riya did mistake, but this can’t happen, I will go and talk to her. Shanti says you go after I die. Raghav asks him to lessen her life dramas, Shivam’s life will be ruined, try to manage things than doing this. Shanti says Anupam has sent lawyer and said he will file dowry case against us if Shivam does not sign, let this divorce happen, Shivam has signed and we got Riya’s sign too. Raghav gets shocked.

Raghav says you took Riya’s sign too. Shanti says yes, I explained her a lot, I begged to Riya, but she was not ready to listen, she insulted me and kicked out me and Sarla. Sarla says yes, Amma is saying right. Raghav says Anupam can’t say this, I don’t believe. Shanti asks him to believe her, she will manage everyone’s lives. Shivam says there is no use to take the walk ahead, I did not expect this from Riya, she has hurt all of you, that’s why, she has no place in my life and this house, you all forget her. They all get upset.

Shivam misses Riya and cries. Bolna mahi bolna……plays…………. Riya thinks of him and cries. Anupam sees her. Raghav sees Shivam disturbed. Kaushalya too looks on. Riya thinks to use wrong way now. Nandu goes out with bedding items and comes back to room, seeing Raghav and Kaushalya. He tells Preeti that they can feel bad knowing we don’t sleep in room together, I will go once they go to their room.

Raghav and Kaushalya go to their room and are worried for Shivam. He says our children are not happy with their lives. Kaushalya says sorrow is like leaves of tree, its green today and will fall tomorrow, everything will be fine. He says I can see the tree drying, I can’t bear this now. Preeti wakes up and is irritated by her room. Nandu tries helping. She scolds him.

Vyom stops Nimmi from going to bath and she argues. She goes to bathroom first. She calls him jija ji, and says I mean Vyom ji, I m not afraid, you have to bear me. He asks by what relation will you stay here, I took seven rounds with you, I m not your Jija ji. She says its good you accepted this, I will need time. He says you don’t have time, come out. She says you are mistaken, I have much time, I will not go from this house. Sharmili calls Vyom.

Preeti washes utensils. Shanti asks her to work fast. Nandu sees Preeti and says I will wash utensils. Preeti scolds him. Kaushalya gets angry seeing this and says he is your husband, talk with manners. Shanti tells Shivam to inform her if Riya tries to talk to him in office, else leave this job, find other job, I will get food for you, we will have breakfast together. Riya comes there dressed in traditional saree. They all get shocked seeing her.

Riya tells lawyer that they are torturing me. Lawyer tells Shanti that husband and wife have to stay fr six months together after divorce appeal, their marriage did not complete a year, till then divorce can’t happen. Shanti gets shocked.

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