Mere Angne Mein 15th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Riya why did she take Preeti outside. Riya says I took her to make her meet Vyom. Shanti asks why, I already refused to Sharmili. Riya says I did not knew this. Shanti says fine, but you know Mohit is finding her everywhere, why did you call the women here. Riya says I did not call them. Shanti asks everyone did they call women. Riya says I m sorry, I did not call them. Shanti says I m trying my best to help you. Riya says I will ask you everything and work. Shanti says fine, I love you but not more than my family. Prabha and Bindu come there and say they have come to help. Shanti shuts window on their faces.

The women gossip with Prabha and Bindu. Prabha says we will go and find out. Shanti sends Preeti upstairs. Shanti attends the women and goes. Preeti hugs Nimmi. Kaushalya scolds Nimmi for lying. Shanti too scolds Nimmi. She asks Kaushalya to keep Nimmi away from Preeti, and don’t tell anything to Raghav and Shivam. Kaushalya asks how can I hide such big thing. Shanti says you know it, if Nimmi say anything to anyone, I will not leave Nimmi. Kaushalya also promises she won’t tell anyone. Preeti consoles Nimmi and goes with Kaushalya. Shanti thinks I will become good and make Riya bad in everyone’s eyes, one day Riya will leave from this house and I will manage the house.

Pari asks Sharmili why is she checking her cupboard, I will tell Sujeev. Sharmili scolds her for ruining Sujeev’s life and now Vyom’s life. she says you want to break his marriage, I will not bear this, pack your bags and leave. Pari asks what are you saying, I m your bahu.

Amit gives his ring and watch to bet and play next game. The man asks Amit is this ring really gold. Amit scolds him and asks him to put money. The man puts 50000rs from his side and asks Amit to play. Amit loses again. The man laughs and takes the ring and watch. Amit shows his card and wins. He takes the cash and the man stops him asking whats the hurry, see rest of my cards as well. The man wins and laughs. Amit holds his head and worries.

Preeti comes for the rasam. Kaushalya asks Rani to get some baskets and stops Riya. Shanti looks on. Kaushalya gives suhaagans the baskets and they do some ritual. Shanti calls someone and asks person to come fast. Kaushalya gets emotional while doing rituals and stops Riya. Shanti smiles.

Pari says I will call police. Sharmili says I m not scared of anyone, go from here. Pari says I will tell Sujeev. Sharmili says what will you say, I will tell him what all you did. Pari says listen, I m your bahu, Sujeev will not agree. Sharmili says I will throw your bags. Pari asks Vyom to explain Sharmili that I did not do anything wrong.. Sharmili asks why did you go after Vyom when he went to meet Preeti.

Shanti tells Kaushalya that she will see the rituals, let Riya do the rituals. Riya does the rituals. Prabha and Bindu discuss that something is happening here. Shanti asks the ladies to take 51 rs nek and leave as ritual got completed. The lady says Bindu and Kamla are right, we should get saree, you should thank us that we came to do rasam of such a defamed girl. Shanti asks them to get their frustration out, Preeti is cow, Mohit has defamed her. Shanti cries and asks all of them not to say this, bless Preeti. Kaushalya cries.

Shanti says I can give blessings to you all. She gives them silver coins and the women glad. Sarla looks on shocked and thinks Amma wants to shut their mouth by silver coins. She requests all of them to bless Preeti, she is like their daughter too. The women get glad. Bindu says I will not let anyone say a word against Preeti now. Shanti asks are they happy now. The women says yes. Shanti asks them to sing. Rani wishes Amit was here too. The man asks Amit is there anything else he wants to bet. Amit writes something and says I will bet my wife Rani Agarwal. The man gets shocked.

The man wins again and laughs saying Amit lost his wife. He asks Amit to fulfill his promise and get his wife now. Rani dances in the rasam in Shanti Sadan happily.

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