Mere Angne Mein 10th April 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Riya praying to get saved from Pari. Shanti tells Preeti(Nimmi) that Sharmili is coming, where are Riya and Nimmi. Sharmili asks Pari to do the rituals. Pari sits to do ritual and Nimmi bites her finger. Pari call her a cat. Sharmili laughs. Shanti says Preeti is nervous, maybe she did that by mistake. Sharmili says its my turn now and asks Preeti why did she put long ghunghat, does she not feel uneasy. She says I want to see how my bahu looks. She says I will lift your ghunghat, if you are shy. Riya stops Sharmili. Sharmili asks why. Riya says you can’t lift the ghunghat, let rasam happen, give her nek and then you can see her. Pari says Sharmili likes everything for free and taunts her. She says I will see Preeti without nek. Riya says wait, you are Preeti’s jethani now, let Mu Dikhai happen and then you can see her. Sharmili says Riya is right, if ghunghat is lifted by ritual, it will be good, I like shy brides like Preeti, and taunts on Pari.

Pari and Sharmili leave. Shanti asks Riya is anything going on here. Riya says nothing and makes excuses. She says I m scared of you, that’s why i m not answering well. Shanti says no need of drama, be away from my grand daughters. She asks Preeti to lift ghunghat. Nimmi runs to washroom. Shanti asks what happened. Riya says Preeti is getting vomiting, she is unwell by tension. Shanti asks why did you not tell me before. Riya says sorry. Shanti scolds her. A girl asks Shanti to come, pandit is calling her for rituals. Shanti asks Riya to give medicines to Preeti.

Sarla talks to Sharmili. She cries and asks for plot. Sharmili says I m not carrying papers, I made papers, I will give you. Sarla gets glad and hugs her. Sharmili pushes Sarla away. Sarla praises her and says I got emotional. Nimmi cries and hugs Riya. Riya shuts the door. Nimmi says you managed here, but anyone will come here, we will tell everything to mummy, but no, mummy will get nervous. Riya asks her to stop crying and not show her face, if anyone comes to room, put ghunghat and go to bathroom, I will call Preeti and try to get her back, manage here. She goes. Preeti is on the way and cries. Riya asks where did you go. Preeti says I can’t wait, I have to meet Mohit. She tells the place where she is going and ends call. Shanti asks Riya why are you tensed, when its Preeti’s marriage.

Riya says Preeti is unwell, that’s why I m tensed. Shanti calls out Preeti and asks where is she. Riya says she is in washroom, I will give this glucose water, you go. Shanti says why do I feel you want to send me out. Nimmi prays that Preeti comes back soon.

Mohit takes Preeti’s name. Preeti runs to him and cries seeing him. She asks why are you here, you should go to hospital. He says I wanted to see you once, now make me see Lord. She says I will drop you to temple and leave. She takes him. Shanti asks shall I come inside washroom Preeti. Riuya says the clothes are heavy, that’s why Preeti is feeling unwell. Shanti asks where is Nimmi. Preeti takes Mohit to temple and sees a burning havan kund. She asks who ignited fire in havan kund at this time, no one is seen here. Mohit says I have done this. She gets shocked.

Raghav calls Shanti and asks her to come, he needs to ask about nek. Shanti says Preeti is unwell, I m here. Raghav says I will send Shivam there, you come here. She says no, send Kaushalya, but Kaushalya is needed there, I will come. She asks Preeti to come out and drink the glucose water, come fast, it will be time for varmala. She says I will get fruits. Riya says you send fruits by someone, I will manage her. She shuts the door.

Preeti says its not time to joke, its my marriage. He says I have taken 3 rounds with you in your room, just 4 rounds more, don’t stop me. She says let me go. He says see my state. FB shows Mohit paying the man to do his accident. She asks did you do this by purpose. He says yes, to get you. Riya asks Nimmi to be here with Bunty, I will call Bunty, she is my friend, she will not think anything. Bunty reaches there. Riya calls her and asks her to come to bride’s room fast, and be with Nimmi.

Preeti says Riya was right, person won’t change ever. She runs and he stops her angrily. He says if you try to run, remember you will be responsible for my death. She says you have got mad. He says yes, I m mad, I will be fine once I marry you. Riya asks Bunty to manage Nimmi, I will go and get Preeti, handle this, don’t let anyone see Nimmi. Nimmi cries and hugs Bunty. Riya goes. Mohit asks Preeti do you want to go home, till you go back, everyone will be over there, you left mandap to meet me, no one will marry you. She says don’t punish my family, please. Shivam asks Riya where are you, what are you doing, where is Nimmi. She gets tensed. He asks will you tell today. She lies to him that Preeti got acidity and I have sent Nimmi to get medicines. He asks what happened to you, you look worried. She cries and hugs him.

Mohit asks Preeti not to cry. He says you did not care for me, we will get married. Nandu comes there and asks Riya to come soon for rituals. Shivam goes.

Pandit asks groom and bride to exchange garlands for jaimala rituals. Nimmi cries and worries…..

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