Mahek 30th December 2016 Written Episode

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Scene 1
Shaurya moves Kanta’s foot, she screams and says its paining. Mahek comes there and asks what happened? Shaurya spins her foot

Mahek says i love you.. is it right? they both smile at each other, Mahek is beaming at him, whole family is watching it, Mahek realizes what she did, she blushes and looks down. Door is knocked, Mahek goes and opens door, its Vaitlana on door, all are stunned, Maheks says you here? Vaitlana says to policeman that this is Mahek Sharma’s house. Mahek gets worried seeing police. Vaitlana comes in house with police. Balwant says what is going on? Vaitlana asks inspector to check whole house. Shaurya says what are you doing? inspector says we have search warrant of this house, Vaitlana says my ring worth of 10lacs is stolen. Inspector says she have
filed FIR that ring might be stolen but Sharma family. Shauray reads search warrant. Kanta says to Vaitlana that we are innocent people, dont put such big allegation on us, Vaitlana says it will be clear after today’s search how much innocent you are, i dont think anyone of you has clyptomania,, she says Mansi went to my room to use washroom, she might have stolen it, she looks like thief, Mansi says i am not a thief, Balwant says my daughter in law is not a thief. Shaurya says dont even come forward, if anyone tries to search house then i will make him get fired. Inspector says you are threatening us, Shaurya grabs his collar, inspector says i will have to arrest you if you do this, Jeevan asks Shaurya to calm down and let them search, we did nothing wrong. Police start searching whole house. Shaurya says i am calling commissioner. Police is throwing everything here and there in house, all family members are worried. Shaurya is calling commissioner but he is not picking call. Balwant tries to stop policeman and says there is nothing in my room, stop it. Vaitlana smirks. Shaurya says to inspector that i am calling commissioner, stop it, inspector says call anyone but we will continue searching. Shaurya says commissioner’s phone is not busy. Neighbors start gossiping, one man says there is police in their house daily, from the time Mahek has come on TV, there is always scandal in their house, thats why people say to not have involvement with rich people, other man says police should make police station in their house only. Vaitlana smirks hearing all this. Jeevan asks policeman to search house nicely, dont throw things away. Policeman throws his mattress, his pillows and everything, Jeevan is distraught. PD tries to stop policeman from searching her room but he pushes her away, she is about to fall but Mahek holds her. Mohit gets angry and charges at policeman, he says PD is my grandmother, how dare you push her? policeman is about to punch Mohit but Shaurya holds his hand moves him away from Mohit. Shaurya gives phone to inspector, its commissioner on otherside, inspector says we had FIR and search warrant thats why we came here, sorry sir, inspector says to Vaitlana says there is nothing house, we searched everywhere, he leaves with policemen. Shaurya glares at Vaitlana, Vaitlana says to family that i am sorry, dont take it personally but you know if lion is troubled then he doesnt let anyone sleep, i have lost my expansive ring so i have to take action

Upcoming after break- Vaitlana says make list of all damage expense and give it to Shaurya, i will clear it, bye you all, she smirks and turns to leave but Shaurya says you started it but i will finish it in my style, Vaitlana smiles evilly and leaves. Shaurya turns to Mahek who looks at him with appalled face.

PRECAP- Mahek packs Shaurya’s luggage and says leave from here, i dont want you in my house, i dont love, there is no place for a kind love which brings this kind of insult to my family, just leave from here and dont turn to look back ever.

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