Mahek 27th December 2016 Written Episode

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Mahek says to Shaurya that if you cant eat parathas then you can go back to your home, we are punjabis and our days dont start without parathas. Shaurya says i will eat for sure as i am punjabi too. Mahek huffs at him. Family gives him butter on paratha too, Shaurya sadly looks at Mahek and puts butter on paratha and starts eating it, Mahek is surprised, Shaurya offers her but she glares at him, After breakfast, Shaurya has stomach ache. Pd says to Mahek that you know he doesnt eat oily food but you couldnt cook for him when he is doing so much for you. Shaurya is in pain, Jeevan says it must be gastric, he makes Shaurya do yoga positions, Ravi asks him to drink this syrup. Kanta asks Mohit to take Shaurya to room, Shaurya leaves. Mahek is worried, Kanta looks at her disapprovingly.
comes in room, Mohit says call me if you need anything, he leaves. Shaurya says those parathas destroyed my stomach. Shaurya turns on heater but gets his hand burnt. Mahek comes to him and blows air on his hand, she gets worried and says cant you see? she puts ointment on his burnt hand, Shaurya winces. Mahek cries and says why you are doing this? go away, i cant see you in pain, go away. Shaurya says then come with me to my world, Mahek weeps and says why so stubborn? we are not made for each other, you ate my home’s food today and this happened with you, Shaurya says i will become habituated, Mahek says you are pretending to not understand? you are not able to walk without even getting injured, you dont understand what i feel thinking that i would have to live my life without you, every moment, my breathing stops when i think about it, Shaurya says why you have tied yourself? why suffocating yourself? Mahek angrily looks at him and leaves.
Mahek marks red tick on Shaurya’s performance board, she says sorry you lost. Shaurya says there is no guarantee of winning and losing, tomorrow you will putting my victory marks and after 5days, i will win you, i dont loose and i heard that love has power but i can feel it now, he turns Mahek towards him and says i love you Mahek, he intensely looks at her, Mahek gets lost in his eyes.
At night, Mahek is lying in bed and recalls Shaurya’s deeds and staying at her home. In porch, Shaurya is thinking about Mahek too, how she gets worried for him. Mahek recalls how Shaurya claimed that he will win her, she wipes her tears. Shaurya is playing with puppy, agar tum saath ho song plays. Shaurya lies to sleep. Mahek goes to sleep too but is unable to sleep. She looks at Shaurya from window and sees that he is not sleeping too, she recalls their happy moments together and is restless while Shaurya is smiling to himself. Mahek helplessly gazes at him and weeps. Shaurya sleeps, Mahek comes in porch, she sits near door and keep looking at Shaurya sleeping, recalling their proposal, their intimate moments, she smiles at him, Shaurya feels cold, Mahek comes to him, tries to touch him but stops herself, she covers him with blanket, Shaurya wakes up and sees her, Mahek gets tensed. Shaurya stares at er, Mahek tries to run from there but her dupatta gets stuck, she says leave it Shaurya, Shaurya says turn and see. its puppy pulling on her dupatta not Shaurya. Mahek smiles at puppy and takes him in her arms. Shaurya says be careful with him, he is only witness of our engagement, why you came here? were you missing me? Mahek says i dont get sleep at night, Shaurya says even i dont get sleep at night, we are match made in heaven, Mahek says we dont match at all, Shaurya says i know, we have different life styles, different family values and all, what you want? want me to make posters of all this? Mahek says i will bring turmeric milk for you, Shaurya says recalls how his internet friend said same ingredient to put in milk to get sleep, he asks Mahek if she has some other sister too? she says no why? he says nothing, Mahek leaves.

Scene 2
Its morning, Mahek wakes up to shouting and counting of family. She says i dont need alarm now as Shaurya keep making mess. Shaurya has lifted PD in his arms bridal style, Kanta says this is no way to joke. Mahek says what is all this? put her down, Shaurya says i didnt bring my gym equipment so i have lifted light weight sweet PD. Pd says Mahek you are feeling bad? he can lift you in his arms too, Shaurya says no girlfriend, if i lift her then my arms will break, Mahek says you dont deserve to lift me, PD says you are jealous thats why saying this, Mahek huffs and leaves.
Vaitlana calls someone and asks him to meet Sanjay, she ends call and throws her phone away, she says all are useless.
Mahek says to Sonal that Shaurya has made serious matter a game, all are in his team. Sonal says who love like this in this age? forgetting everything for love. Mahek says this is not love, he is stubborn, there is patience in love but he is stubborn, soon this bubble will burst and then only truth will matter and and truth is that our worlds are different, Sonal says he came to live in your world, Mahek says he wont be able to be part of it, he will loose and go back, Mahek says family members are getting attached to Shaurya, he will leave and family will cry without him, Sonal says only family will cry not you? tell me if he leave now, wont you be sad? do you love him or not? Mahek looks down, and says you wont understand. Mansi says Rajiv has come Mahek.
Rajiv says to Shaurya that you are camping at Mahek’s house and has left new hotel, dont waste my time, Shaurya says your time is important but my life is more important, Rajiv says what is important? to forcefully marry Mahek? put on gun on her head and marry her, Shaurya says enough, i respect you but i will take my life’s decision, Rajiv says you are making mistake, destroying your own life but i cant so goodbye, he angrily leaves, Mahek has seen all this and is worried seeing Shaurya and Rajiv broken ties, Shaurya tensely looks at her.

PRECAP- Vaitlana comes in jail, her husband is dancing with policemen. He asks Vaitlana where is your pet? you have been feeding him so where is he? Vaitlana says he is there, her husband looks at dark cell where someone is standing.

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