Kumkum Bhagya 9th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with goons coming to the jewellery shop planning to steal the jewellery. He tells that they have to call each other by number and not name, and asks them to take positions in the shop. Abhi asking shop keeper if Pragya will have pain while taking out mangalsutra. Manager says mangalsutra will not break. Abhi says he is concerned about Nikita, and not mangalsutra. Tanu gets jealous. Manager asks Abhi to let the mangalsutra keep on her neck and says you are blessed before marriage. Tanu goes to him and says she is his to be wife, and not her. Manager asks then why did he make her wear mangalsutra. Abhi says matter is complicated, and tells that she is too good and deserves a nice guy better than me. Manager says I couldn’t understand who is best suitable for whom.

asks Pragya not to get tensed as Salesman went to get the equipment to take out mangalsutra. The goons enter inside and keeps owner of the shop on gun point. Shop owner tells that his shop is under CCTV Surveillance. Goon says he knows and that’s why he asked his men to cut the connection. He asks owner to call his customers and employees there.

Tanu, Abhi and Pragya are shocked to see the robbers. Goons asks them to be silent and co- operate with them, else they will shoot them. Tanu asks Abhi, what we will do now? Goon asks Tanu to stand silently else. The robbers steal the jewellery from the shop. Tanu thinks her life is in danger and thinks Aaliya is not here to save me. She sees owner going to the safety alarm and thinks he will save us. Goon says we came here to loot owner and not customers. Other goon smashes owner’s hand with his foot just as he is about to press alarm. He threatens to kill him. Abhi looks on shocked. Pragya gets Purab’s call. She thinks Purab can save us, and picks the phone silently. Pragya tells him about robbery in the shop and asks to bring Police. She tells location is in khar.

Mitali tells that she taught Robin to buy vegetables through mobile banking. Dasi says you are intelligent. Purab comes to Dadi and tells about the robbery at the shop where Abhi, Pragya and Tanu went for shopping. Taya ji asks what did Pragya tell? Purab says she asked me to bring Police and says he will go. Dadi asks him to take her. Purab asks her to stay at home and says he will be in touch with her through phone. Tanu wonders where is Pragya and thinks if she went being scared. She asks Abhi, where is your secretary? Abhi also looks for Pragya and asks Tanu. Tanu thinks she must have ran away with expensive mangalsutra and thinks how I will be saved now. She then sees Pragya calling someone and informs Abhi. Abhi thinks whom she is calling and thinks goons will kill us. Pragya tells Inspector about robbery in the shop and tells that they are 8. Inspector praises her.

Tanu thinks to make Pragya’s plan backfired and thinks goon will kill her if she is caught red handed while talking on phone. Tanu silently tells goon that a girl is talking there on phone. Goon says I couldn’t see anything. Tanu asks him to go and check. Goon catches Pragya and asks with whom you was talking. Pragya says nobody. Tanu thinks you will die now for wearing my mangalsutra. Abhi is shocked. Goons check her phone and says she called Police. Other goon asks him to shoot her. Abhi is shocked. Tanu takes out her sandal as it breaks. Goon thinks she was about to hit him with sandal and says I will kill her first, she is more clever than this girl. Abhi thinks whom to save her now.

Police comes there. Goon blames Pragya for their unsuccessful robbery. Other goon says they shall kill her. Abhi thinks Pragya and Tanu are both in danger. Tanu asks Abhi to save him. Abhi says I will save you and asks her not to take tension. He tells Pragya that he will save her also. Goon asks him if he is filmy hero and came to save everyone.

Inspector asks Constables to take positions and asks Goons to surrender as the shop is surrounded by Police. Goon says we are caught, thinks what to do. Inspector says you will have less punishment if you surrender. Goon says he must be Inspector Prabhat. Purab comes there and asks Inspector to understand that goons can do anything. He says my didi and friend are inside. Inspector asks him to co- operate and not to worsen the situation. Goon tells Pragya that he was making this plan since 3 months and says now he will kill her.

Goon points gun at Pragya’s head. Sarla kisses Pragya’s photo frame and it falls from her hand. She is shocked.

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