Kumkum Bhagya 8th December 2016 Written Episode

Tanu sees Dr. Shoba and gets worried what if Abhi sees her. Seeing manalsutra, Pragya is dreaming of her and Abhi coming together again. Abhi gets her out of her dreams by taking away mangalsutra. He asks what was she thinking. She says nothing.

Tanu is following Dr. Shoba. She doubts whether Aliya lied that Dr. Shoba left the city and then sent her there purposely, so only Tanu is caught. She calls Aliya and informs her about Dr. Shoba. Aliya says how that is possible. Tanu says she doesn’t care about anything.. she is in front of her. Aliya asks so she didn’t see Abhi. Tanu says no. Aliya says Tanu to let her think something.

Abhi continues checking mangalsutra with Pragya. All ladies in the shop are glaring at Abhi. Pragya is feeling cold. Abhi gives his jacket to her.
She says she doesn’t need. He makes her wear it and doesn’t let her argue further. They play a game now as Abhi manages to shut Pragya up. He asks her to answer her in gestures. He orders coffee for Pragya. He asks her to keep her hands in pocket (as she is feeling cold) and he makes her drink it. Pragya has mustache from it and he laughs. He cleans it then.

Tanu is out of patience and goes to the doctor asking why she came back when they asked her to leave the city. It turns out to be someone else. Tanu says sorry, she thought it was someone else and refers that lady as aunty. The lady gets mad and asks the store if they treat their customer like that. She demands for an apology from Tanu for calling her aunty. Tanu decides to say sorry before Abhi sees them.

Sarla is getting Pragya’s room cleaned. She finds her mangalsutra and gets emotional. She hopes Abhi again ties that mangalsutra to Pragya. Dadi says whether Abhi gets his memory back or no, he definitely will tie this mangalsutra to Pragya again.

Abhi is finding mangalsutra that he liked. He sees it in Pragya’s hands. He says their choices are so similar. He recalls seeing similar mangalsutra before, but then says he must have seen in someone’s neck. He asks the store guy to pack that one. Pragya says no. He asks why not. He asked her before and she said its good. Pragya says it’s good, but it’s not good for whom he’s buying. Abhi says then they will ask Tanu. Pragya says no. He brought her because her choice is good. Abhi says he will prove her that it is the best mangalsutra. He asks her to shut and tries mangalsutra on Pragya. Pragya says he can’t do that. He shuts her and ties mangalsutra. He tells her she looks so good, and asks the salesperson to pack that. While he’s removing mangalsutra, Tanu sees them and gets shocked and angry. She asks Pragya how dare she to wear her mangalsutra. She asks her to take it off right away. Pragya says she’s misunderstood. Tanu is angry. Abhi takes Pragya’s side. Tanu says she went away for 2 minutes, and he tried mangalsutra on her. Tomorrow if she goes to washroom for 2 minutes from mandap, then will he take 7 pheres with her? All laugh there. Abhi asks what she is saying.. Tanu says fine.. he tried on her, but she can’t see it on her anymore and asks her to take it off. Pragya says it is not opening. Abhi says he also tried and asks Tanu to try herself. Tanu doesn’t respond. Abhi asks the salesperson to remove it. Tanu gets more and more hyper as it’s taking time. She asks the salesperson to move and tries to remove it herself. She can’t remove it either. The store guy now goes to call an artisan. Abhi also goes with him. Pragya goes to Tanu and says her “Bhagya” has linked with Abhi. She can’t fight with “Bhagya”. He tied her mangalsutra again..and such a way that it’s not even coming off. It seems even mangalsutra knows who his real wife is. Tanu asks her not to fly high. That mangalsutra is on her temporary. Soon it will be off and will be on her for forever. Pragya won’t be able to do anything.

Precap: Robbers stormed in the jewelry shop while Abhi, Pragya, Tanu are still there.

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