Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi playing game on his phone. Tanu comes to him and says she wants to buy mangalsutra for their marriage. Abhi says he is playing game now as Beeji always win from him. Tanu asks what is more important to you, game or me ? Abhi says ofcourse game. She gets angry. Abhi says I am joking and runs from there. Tanu tries to go, but her dress is stuck on the bed. She falls. Abhi collides with Pragya and have an eye lock. Allah Wariyan plays…….Abhi asks her to walk properly and asks her to concentrate on him. Pragya says yes. He asks her to get ready as they are going to buy mangalsutra. Pragya asks why? Tanu comes there. Abhi says Tanu’s mum called and said that it is their ritual that groom gifts mangalsutra to the to be bride. Tanu also says the same and asks Abhi why
he wants to take her. Abhi says she is his secretary and helps him in selecting everything. Pragya refuses to go. Aaliya comes and forces Pragya to go with Abhi, and says it is her duty to obey her boss. Pragya agrees. Abhi goes to get ready.

Tanu asks Aaliya, why she forced Pragya to come with them. Aaliya asks her to think how Pragya will get jealous when Abhi checks mangalsutra on her. Tanu says yes, and laughs. She says lets go. Aaliya gets a call and tells Tanu that she has to go to meet client. Tanu asks shall I go to shopping alone. Aaliya asks her to go and tell her later. She asks her to make sure that this shopping will become painful shopping of Pragya, and asks her not to leave Abhi even for a min, and asks her to notice all her expressions and show her after coming there. Tanu says I miss you. Aaliya asks her to go fast and sit with Abhi in car. Tanu goes. Pragya comes to Dadi, and cries. Dadi asks what happened? Pragya says she tries to be strong, but falls weak. Dadi asks if Abhi scolded you. Pragya says no, and tells that he asked me to come with him and buy mangalsutra for Tanu. She says I can’t go with him and see him buying mangalsutra for Tanu. Dadi says you can’t refuse when Abhi is asking you. Abhi comes there and asks Pragya not to worry about Dadi as he gave her medicine. He asks her to help him in choosing the dress.

Dadi prays to God and asks him not to make Pragya suffer more. Abhi, Pragya and Tanu come to the shop. Abhi calls Nikita. Tanu holds his hand before Pragya could walk with him. She says she will buy jewellery often after marriage. Abhi asks her to buy jewellery daily as she got gold laying hen. Tanu says you will know after marriage. Abhi’s female fans come to him. Tanu comes to Pragya and says she is happy today as she will get jealous when Abhi will make her wear mangalsutra. She says it will be history today. She taunts her and asks her not to die else all newspaper will write that a wife made her husband keep mangalsultra in her sautan’s neck. Pragya says I will do what he asks me to do. She says I don’t care if you marry him or not, but my kumkum and destiny is attached with him. Tanu says I will see if you get affected.

Purab and Dasi talking about Tanu and Aaliya. Dasi says she was checking Aaliya and Tanu’s reaction when Sarla was exposing Doctor in the video. Purab smiles. Dadi comes there and tells them that Pragya went with Abhi, as he went to buy mangalsutra forTanu. Dasi asks why didn’t you stop her. Dadi says Aaliya forced her with her clever talks. Purab says you should have stop Abhi. Dadi says she couldn’t as Abhi is stubborn. Purab feels bad about Pragya and hopes he would have united her with Abhi.

Salesman shows the mangalsutra and says it is guaranteed. Abhi says marriage have no guarantee. He asks Pragya to come and select mangalsutra for Tanu. Tanu thinks Pragya will die thousand times in a moment. Tanu comes to them and says she will select heavy mangalsutra. Abhi says mangalsutra shall be selected by design. Tanu says people should say that she is Rockstar Abhi’s wife. Pragya gets sad. Abhi tells her that he will select mangalsutra. Tanu thinks it is very boring. Salesman asks her to see bangles and necklace. Tanu selects a bangle and thinks to buy it with Abhi’s money, and thinks she will not wear mangalsutra after marriage.

Pragya drops mangalsutra mistakenly. Abhi and Pragya sit down to pick it. Allah Wariyan plays……………….Pragya smiles.

Abhi asks Pragya if she has any button to stop her from talking. Pragya signs it is on her nose. Abhi is about to press her nose and tells Pragya that he is feeling as if he did this before.

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