Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Doctor asking Aaliya to take her money and leave. Aaliya asks if she wants more money. Doctor tells her that she don’t want any money. Purab gets Pragya’s call. He informs Pragya that they are going to Doctor’s house. He asks her to pray that Aaliya and Tanu’s truth to come out infront of Abhi. Pragya asks him to take care of Abhi and worries about him. Abhi asks Purab to come. Pragya thinks even though Abhi doesn’t remember her, but he is fulfilling all vows of marriage. She is hopeful. Tanu tells Doctor that she loves Abhi very much. Doctor says Abhi’s life will be ruined if he marries you, and says I will tell him truth. Aaliya asks if you will get an award, and scolds her. She says Tanu will marry Abhi and she will see who will stop the wedding. She says I
am his sister and Tanu is his lover, he will forgive us, but he will not forgive you. She asks her to think before doing anything. They hear the door bell. Abhi enters the room. Aaliya says she will stop them. Servant tells Abhi that two girls entered inside forcibly.

Abhi and Purab are shocked to see Aaliya and Tanu there. Purab smiles. Abhi asks what you both are doing here? Purab thinks they are caught red handed, and thinks criminals and judge are both here. Abhi says Aaliya what she is doing here? Aaliya says actually…Purab says may be Doctor is their old friend and you are cross questioning them. He says may be they came for some work. Tanu thinks Purab will trap them. Aaliya thinks Purab is instigating Abhi against them. Tanu thinks now nothing can be done, and asks herself to do something.

She tells Abhi that she doesn’t know why they came here. She asks him to wipe his sweat on his forehead and wipes it with her handkerchief. Purab comes to Aaliya and asks where is that doctor. Aaliya says she is not here. Purab says your game is over, now Abhi will know your truth. Even I don’t know what Abhi will do with you both. He says Doctor will give your name to Abhi, and then he will know your intentions. He says everything will be revealed to Abhi. He asks her to let him go else he will tell Abhi that she is not letting him go. Aaliya and Tanu are tensed.

Pragya massages Dadi’s back. Dasi asks when will my turn comes. Pragya tells her that Abhi went to meet that doctor. Dadi says now nobody can separate them and I will make Pragya massage me daily. Pragya says you want me for massage. Dadi says yes. Dasi asks her to open head massage parlour for them. Pragya acts to be upset. Dadi says we were just joking and says you are not daughter in law, but a daughter. I can’t live without you.

Aaliya thinks she shall do last try, and should clear herself in Abhi’s mind. She tells Abhi that they didn’t know this doctor and came to know who had trapped Nikita. Abhi says I will ask Doctor what you are doing here. Aaliya says I am saying naa. Abhi says Purab will bring her. Tanu asks why Aaliya is lying? Aaliya thinks why Tanu is making faces and will be caught. Purab tells Abhi that Doctor ran away in car. Aaliya smirks and blames Purab for letting her run. Purab gets angry. Aaliya tells Abhi that she will get that doctor punished. She tells Purab that she is Aaliya Mehra and praises herself. She says love you.

Sarla and Beeji are talking. Pragya comes home and tells Sarla that Aaliya and Tanu couldn’t let Abhi know their truth when he went to enquire with the Doctor. Aaliya tells Tanu that they shall make a smart move. Beeji tells Pragya that truth will come out eventually and can’t be hidden for long. Pragya says she stopped believing on this thing. Sarla tells Pragya that she should be happy as Abhi wants to clear her image and respect. She says Abhi will not leave Aaliya and Tanu now, and asks her to have some more patience. Beeji asks Sarla to go and help Janki, and asks Pragya to come with her.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she was relaxed when she heard Purab telling that she ran away. She asks how did you manage to make her go. Aaliya says even she was tensed and tells Doctor was scared and that’s why left. She says she called Doctor and came to know that she went to her hometown and asked us to settle down this matter soon. She says we have to make Pragya go from here.

Tanu asks Abhi why he is taking Pragya to select mangalsutra for her. Abhi says she is her secretary. Pragya says she can’t come. Aaliya asks Pragya to go with Abhi being his secretary. .

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