Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi coming to room and sees Pragya eating food. Pragya tells that she is very hungry today since she heard about Karvachauth. She says she is eating for third time. Abhi says today is karvachauth and says you are not my fuggi. He says my fuggi made me believe on the importance of karvachauth day, and says he got to learn the two different teachings from a same woman. He says he will not believe on Karvachauth from now on. Pragya gets emotional.

Payal asks Ronnie, why did he kept ring in her bag. Payal says she can’t help him in uniting their bosses. Ronnie says we will go separate ways. Pragya thinks about Abhi’s words. Purab and Bulbul come there. Purab asks how did she fool Abhi? Pragya tells Bulbul that it is not easy for her to lie with Abhi, and says his words hit her heart and says she is pained to hear his hatred. She gets scared thinking Abhi might hate her more, and will go far from her. Bulbul tells her that she is his inspiration and asks her not to talk like that. She says I kept fast. Pragya asks really. Purab says she has really kept fast. Bulbul says she has kept fast to prove herself. Pragya asks them not to fight and asks her to see the strength of fast. She says soon you both will marry and no one can come in between you both. Bulbul hugs Pragya.

Dadi worries thinking what Abhi might be doing with Pragya. Dasi sees her tensed and says she is trying to put thread in the needle. Abhi comes there. Dadi asks what happened? She says you went to check Pragya. Abhi says he was fool to went there, and says he is feeling hurt. He says what is my mistake, and says there was no love, complications in his life before. Dasi says God is taking his test. Abhi says he is tired of giving test. He says I will bring good days back and promises Dadi. Mitali looks at the food and gets tantalize. Purab and Bulbul argue. Purab asks her to give respect as she kept fast for him. Bulbul asks who told you that I kept fast for you. She says she kept fast for the person who will fill love in her heart.

Mitali steals the food. Dasi tells Purab that she is indirectly saying that she has kept fast for her to be husband and asks him to marry her soon. Abhi comes. Dasi asks Mitali to keep the food down. Bulbul asks Abhi if he has kept fast. Abhi says no and says he is angry. Pragya sees jalebis and says she wants to eat it. She asks Ronnie to keep jalebis in her room. Abhi asks Payal not to let anyone touch the plate as he is going to eat all the jalebis. Pragya says she has ordered first. Abhi says Payal is holding the plate. They argue.

Pragya takes the plate and is about to eat it. Abhi asks her to have shame as everyone is fasting. Pragya calls Ronnie and says everyone is doing mistake. She says everyone is keeping fast to show the world that they love their husband. She says if you eat anything then something might happen to your husband. Sarla hears her and slaps her hard shocking everyone.

Sarla asks until when she will stoop low, and says she came here to see if she will get her daughter back, but forgot that her daughter is blinded by money. She tells about Karvachauth fast and tells about its importance. She says a married woman keeps fast and prays for her husband’s long life. She says I should have slapped myself. Pragya is shocked and hurt. Dadi cries. Sarla says very soon you will be left alone, and says I should have understood that I don’t have any relation with you. She says I should understand that you have forgetton to had taken birth from my womb. She says she feels ashamed when she looks at her damad. She asks her to think as an orphan now. She apologizes to Abhi. Abhi says you said right, she will not get forgiveness but hatredness. He asks her to meet him and says he is like her son. Pragya goes to her room and is sad.

Bulbul, Dadi and Purab follows Pragya. Pragya says her life has changed and she can’t tell Abhi that she has kept fast for him. She says Maa has broken relation with her and says she was right that there is no emotion in her life. She says she want to die and cries.

There will be Maha Sangam Episode of Tashan E Ishq, Kumkum and Jamai Raja. Abhi tells Pragya that you don’t deserve to be wife and asks her to remove kumkum. Pragya decide to give answers raising doubt on her kumkum.

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