Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 7th December 2015 Written Episode

Hearing Koyal is here for maddy raj says I don’t wish to see her let her standout like a beggar, security asks baba what to do, baba says tell her there’s party going on n it will take time, Koyal hearing this says I will wait.

It’s 12.30 n Koyal still waiting for awara, security guard asks her to leave, Koyal says I am fine n will wait. Baba says raj why don’t u go meet her, u can’t trocher this way because look at u, u are getting hurt too, raj says baba I will meet her during muhurat. Raj goes to Koyal, Koyal has fallen asleep on chair, he looks at her n has flashes of old good times n in tears walks to her n holds her hand n smiles, Koyal wakes up n sees him n gets surprised , it gets foggy n raj walks away, Koyal rubs her eyes n sees baba standing In front of her n says sir u, it was someone, baba says u must be dreaming, tell me what is it, Koyal says sir me n my husband work at ur factory but instead of promoting my husband u have fired him, he works really hard, please don’t do this to him, please go through ur decision, baba says u are here whole day for this reason, Koyal says sir anything for my husband he Is a good man n very hardworking, baba says ok I will look into it, Koyal says thanku sir n leaves.

Vidya sees Leela working in kitchen n says why are u doing all this where is ur Koyal, Leela says she was yesterday at friends Mehndi n stayed night there, Vidya says n u believed it don’t u felt like checking whether she is saying true, maddy says akka no worries, I don’t need to check on Koyal I trust her a lot, Koyal comes, maddy says how was ur function n why don’t u have mehendi anyways come n leaves, Vidya says Amma look how maddy walks behind wife all the time.

Raj thinking About Koyal, n says baba did u see Koyal how she reacted when I touched, baba says yes I did but what next don’t forget u are awara n have power n that guy betrayed u so I hope u don’t give job back, raj says yes baba but my heart n Koyal has asked for it n I can’t deny her. Koyal prays God please forgive me I lied to maddy for first time but for his good so please n I hope he gets his job back, maddy enters, Koyal says why aren’t u ready,maddy says I don’t know what to do I can’t stay home n new interviews will take time, Koyal says maddy cone factory my heart says may be ur decision will change , see u are very talented so get ready. Maddy says ok let’s trust ur instinct n go factory.

Paru comes n says Leela what’s for breakfast, Leela says dosa n chutney, paru says oh gosh has allergy with chutney, Vidya says paru aunty why not u cook something else, paru says sure will u have too, Vidya says no thanku, paru leaves, Koyal comes n says Amma sorry I came late so couldn’t cook breakfast will cook dinner, Leela says fine, Koyal n maddy leave, Vidya says this mother daughter duo will make u maid one day, Leela says enough Vidya.

Maddy says I dont think I shd have come here, Koyal says maddy trust my Instinct, manager says maddy Good u came new boss has reviewed his decision n has asked u to return may be u will be promoted too n all the best, maddy says thanku sir I will work really hard, Koyal says to herself thanku awara sir u kept my words n gave maddy his job back.

Pre cap: baba says new job details are In ur envelope, maddy checks his n sees that he has been demoted to accounts department n gets shocked.

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