Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 30th November 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, after 1 year, Koyal watering plants, Leela n venkat looks at her n says it’s unbelievable it’s been year since we lost our son , Koyal gets busy with households stuff, maddy says Koyal wait put on a bindi u look very good in it, Koyal says maddy I have done ur accounts it’s in ur drawer, maddy says u are a super women, Leela venkat n paru gosh join them for tea, maddy says baba I got u something here is new sweater for u, gosh says thanks so much, Koyal n maddy get busy again, gosh says these two work so much n look at maddy he made us stay with u all maddy is our son n not son in law.

Koyal goes to kitchen, paru goes behind her n maddy n says wait maddy put sindoor in koyals forehead,maddy says ok n do so, venkat says maddy is now fully koyals we lost our son n laughs. Everyone starts having breakfast , maddy n Koyal go get ready, paru says these kids are so busy in work they have forgotten their anniversary.

Maddy n Koyal go to a function, a man greets Koyal n says I wish to maddy sir n I supply raw material n see u are junior manager how about a under table settlement, Koyal says what, he says take this money n give me full tender, Koyal takes money, maddy says Koyal what are u doing, I don’t believe in bribe let me call police, man says sorry sir, Koyal says maddy please n both start laughing. Koyal says take here is ur money n sorry we have learnt business from our Amma appa n this doesn’t fall in our principles n don’t ever take such step n focus on hard work, man says sorry n leaves.koyal says maddy if I would take bribe, maddy says u would never I know u very well ,Koyal says lets go market it would be sale today come lets go.

On their way back from market Koyal n maddy see a expensive house inauguration, they admire it n go home, Koyal looks at calendar n remembers it’s their anniversary today, she smiles n then remembers raj , maddy gets fresh n sees Koyal lost in thoughts n asks what is it., Koyal says yes let me give u tea, maddy says I don’t want tea lets make something else, both cook paneer burji together, maddy says raj loved it so much, he used to rush to us for burji n yes would have only with toast n would eat it n says A1 Koyal, n says u miss him right Koyal, Koyal walks away.

Koyal says maddy happy anniversary, maddy says one year went so fast, everyone come from behind n wish them n give blessings, tani gets cake, both blow candles n cut cake, maddy n Koyal give each other cake, tani says one picture now n maddy Koyal is ur own wife u can hug her n all laugh.

Maddy n Koyal click picture together, Leela says Koyal thanks for all the love n happiness u got into house with u,God bless u, gosh says n here is a gift from all of us. Surya comes home n wishes happy anniversary n says Amma remember the new bungalow inauguration I got it’s catering contract, maddy says congrats Anna , the owner must be very rich, surya says yes if I impress the owner I will have rich contact with me, all wish surya luck.

Koyal hurts herself trying save vase, maddy rushes to her n says Koyal be careful. Door bel rings n a man gets invitation of the new house specially for Koyal. Koyal says no I don’t know who it is, the man says mam it’s special invitation for u.

Pre cap: Koyal draping saree, maddy sees her struggling n says let me help u, he closes his eyes n helps Koyal

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