Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 27th November 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, maddy says u two go fast it’s good chance, I will help u with money u two leave go, I will manage, Koyal says wow u two are such good friends giving such fabulous advices n raj u say u love me is this ur love, no it’s ur ego n selfishness u just think abt ur self did u ever think abt me or my family n till when will we keep running n raj the truth is I am married now but why will u care abt that because u just think abt ur self n maddy u my best friend who doesn’t think abt himself but others n maddy what all will u lose for me n raj because of maddy I am here safe n my family is safe my ma always said maddy helps me but raj spoils things n raj today as well u proved ma right , maddy always made my happiness his n u want me to be happy by running away n disrespect my family, n if I would have to run away I wouldn’t have given u sleeping pills , I am sorry raj but I can’t forgive u n on other hand maddy is ready to forgive me n wants me to go with u n live happily but maddy I am married to u, u did all this to save me n my family n I won’t disrespect our marriage.

Raj says wow maddy u are a very good player, now I know such a big planning first asked me to confess n now marriage good , I thought u are helping me but u did this to achieve Koyal, maddy says no raj, raj says u did this to prove ur self hero n how good character u are, I will kill u maddy how did I trust u, Koyal says raj leave him, raj says ur a player I mean look u achieved it maddy see u have Koyal with u, u trapped me in shobus case, Koyal shouts leave my husband raj, raj moves back n says what, Koyal says yes raj he is my husband I am married to him n will not allow anyone touch him, go away raj.

Everyone in hall waiting for maddy n Koyal to come, gosh says let me go check them, tani says no baba please let them take time, venkat says yes tani is right, everyone hears police siren n get surprised, Amrish is with police n he is saying no Raj will not come please don’t go in, raj says so maddy u called police as well, police take hold of raj, raj says Koyal what u have done I will never forget it, u both betrayed me n keep in mind this is fraud n I will keep hammering this thing in ur minds n goes with police.

Everyone gets shocked to see raj coming with police, paru gets tensed, Amrish n rosy rush behind raj trying to talk to him, maddy n Koyal come down as well, raj looks at them in anger n says one minute please n walks to Koyal n maddy n says Koyal look at my face n keep it in mind this face will remain same but the man behind it will change n will come back to repay things, I loved u Koyal n stayed away from u so that u never have to be in pain but u burned me in my love n the day I will come back, I will rule this world n everyone keep in mind u will see the King raj n u maddy start counting ur days this story wouldn’t end without me because it’s my love story n not urs, u have given me pain maddy n now u will bear its consequences n Koyal try hard n save ur husband but I will make sure I break u two when I return n leaves.

Raj says when I will return I will be a millionaire n u all will respect me,pandit says we shd do the Bidai ritual,raj sits in van n looks at Koyal in anger, Koyal looks at him, koyals Bidai rituals begin, Amrish n rosy are waiting near Rajs van , raj is looking at everything n has time spent with Koyal on his mind, Koyal looks at raj n has her n Rajs pheres in her mind, Koyal n maddy get into the car, rosy says raj these bars won’t stop u n I will not let anything bad happen to u, I will make every single thing to relies u,Amrish says yes raj I will hire the costliest lawyer but free u don’t worry, raj thinks she is going n me too but she is approaching towards new life n me. Towards death.

Pre cap: maddy does the house welcome rituals for Koyal, Leela n venkat stand aside n look in anger.

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