Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 21st December 2015 Written Episode

Koyal in hospital, doctor asks do u know the child, Koyal says no I don’t, doc says we need blood, Koyal says I will manage,nurse says come with me, Koyal donates her blood, Ritika comes there asking for child it’s her child, Ritika says thanku Koyal ,Koyal says Ritika I will help ur son don’t u worry I will donate blood n leaves.

Koyal gives her blood to the child, Ritika thinks I tried destroying Maddys life but Koyal still saved my son I can never forget this favour of hers, Koyal abt to leave, Ritika stops her n says I am very thankful n I would like to confess one thing n there is my statement I take my case back n plz understand my situation n plz forgive me n maddy is very lucky to have u, Koyal hugs her n thanks her.

Koyal meets Raj,Raj says what a day I like to see u, Koyal says sorry to say but u are losing ur game, Ritika has with drawn her case, Raj asks what case the molestation one, it was just a mind blowing entry of mine n now wait n watch for the best of scene, Koyal says Raj u do whatever u wish to n remember the more u trouble maddy the stronger will our relation will be,Raj says ok let’s see.

Koyal goes to maddy, maddy says what’s the news why are u so happy, Koyal hugs him n says maddy Ritika withdraw her class, maddy says what, Koyal says yes n all bad is done now, Koyal says now come sit all will be fine now,maddy says I hope I didn’t speak to awara abt it, Koyal says no maddy , I know u are not wrong n so I didn’t go to him n so see truth won,trust me I begged to no one, maddy says Raj is so changed right, like it’s just a year n such big change, Koyal says yes except one thing we two best of friends,maddy n Koyal are still best of friends, maddy says Koyal u are a winner, n we are one just because of ur understanding, Amma akka always blame u but u still manage everything.

Koyal says maddy Amma akka love u a lot n they know Raj is behind u because of me, maddy says but Koyal though Raj attacks me u get the hurt most but we together always win over the situation, Koyal says maddy but akka n Samar, maddy says what to do she is not listening anything, Koyal rests her head on Maddys shoulder.

Leela tell everyone that Vidya wants to marry Samar n since she is happy we decided to be with her n so let’s begin with the arrangements, maddy asks Amma are u happy but, Vidya says did u ask before marrying Koyal,Koyal stops maddy from speaking, Vidya says u earn the most here n I want my wedding to be lavish, maddy says ok Anna n me will work on it, Vidya says ok so arrange for my designer outfits n keep In mind samars status.

Tani is sitting alone, paru walks to her n asks what are u doing, tani says I am looking for a job u know why shd Koyal n maddy go through all this n I will now not give Vidya a chance to speak abt we all, paru says one year back we were so happy n together, Shobu was with us n today we are staying at koyals house, tani says no Amma don’t u worry all will be fine soon, paru says I pray to God that u n Koyal always stay happy, tani says thanku ma u are the best.

Tani goes to meet Rudra, she hears a baby cry n walks to baby hesitatingly n plays with baby, Rudra watches tani calm the baby n treat well, n says we need an efficient nanny like u, u can join from today itself n leaves.

Maddy n Koyal discussing abt wedding arrangements, Koyal says we have to keep Akkas wishes in mind. Raj sitting near by sings song Hume tumse pyaar kit a n looks at Koyal n says u here n I wish I sung this song for u but this wasn’t for u, Koyal says maddy we have lot of work, maddy asks wedding organiser shd we discuss, Raj says excuse me I was first here, manager says yes sir we will discuss with u first.

Koyal says maddy I think Raj is behind something new problem, maddy says relax this isn’t his office but a marriage organiser, maddy n Koyal are called in n they begin discussing abt the arrangements, Koyal tries over an hair accessory, maddy says we will buy for Amma n tani do as well, Koyal says ok, Koyal says maddy I try on the pagdi, Raj is watching them both.

Koyal says I hope the wedding is a perfect one n leaves.

Pre cap: Raj says baba I will manipulate things such way that maddy will be trapped n even wouldn’t figure out what’s happening.

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