Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th September 2016 Written Episode

Bhola sees Dev’s pic in newspaper and shows it to Ishwari. Ishwari excitedly says she will call Dev and inform him. Mamaji stops her, checks newspaper and says it is written Dev’s company is bearing huge losses because of Dev.

At Sona’s house, family discusses what they will wear during engagement. Asha says he will look like a tree if he wears his usual dress. He says better than their colorful dress. Family continues their drama.

Dev at home reminisces Sona’s request to not come in front of her. Marriage broker comes and introduces himself. Dev asks if he brought alliance for Ria. He says no, his mom asks to get allliance for one of his employee Sonakshi Sinha. He says she must be special employee. He says mom will come and hides
behind wall. Ishwari comes and gies money to broker and asks him to go soon. Dev feels shattered seeing this.

Sona before getting ready for her engagement cries and thinks she has to move on and forget Dev. She looks mobile thinking if Dev will call her. She continues crying and reacting. Her enggagemennt starts. Daadi peforms Sona and Rithvik’s rituals in a bengali style. Sen gives gift for Sona followed by others. Sona repeatedly looks at her mobile waiting for Dev’s call.

Dev gets ready for office. Ishwari gives him breakfast and says why don’t he eat well, he is looking so weak. Dev says he is not hungry and walks a bit. He returns and asks why did she do this. She asks what. He asks why did she get Sona’s alliance. Ishwari says Sona came here to take care of her and should have been in her limits, she should have changed her mind and left the job when she started loving him, she did not, so she found an alliance for Sona. Dev stands crying. Ishwari asks if he still loves Sona. Dev says no, but she should not have done this. Ishwari says if she has done a mistake, he should forgive her. Dev walks angrily teary eyed.

After Sona’s engagement, Sona asks Sourav to give her gift. He asks to touch his feet first and says Rithvik he has given full 1 year worth subscription free of his website. Sona asks where is her gift. He says he could not decide what buy, so he got a gift voucher for her. She opens envelope and sees 50,000 rs voucher. Elena says even she needs gift. He asks to touch his feet then. Drama continues.

Precap: Bejoy sees Sona and Dev’s pic in newspaper’s front page and fumes that Dev and his mother are so cheap. Sen comes angrily with Rithvik. Sona gets tensed.

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