Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th December 2016 Written Episode

Dev and Bejoy/Asha are shocked when Sona tells that Elena and Vicky were having an affair. All 3 are shocked. Sona says Vicky must have gone home and they should go home and ask him. Vicky reaches home and asks Radha why did she give him 15 missed calls. Ishwaris says jiji prepared gajar halwa for him, so she called him. He says he had to leave office’s important work, he will have hawla in the evening. GKB starts her drama. Vicky says okay, get it. Dev with Sona rushes in and asks Vicky where is Elena and why did he steal such a big amount from office account. Vicky shouts he did not steal.. Sona asks where is Elena, what did he do to her. Vicky misbehaves with her and warns to mind her tongue. Dev holds his collar and waarns to behave wit his bhabhi. Radha
starts yelling at Sona and shouts how will Vicky know about Eelna. Dev says Vicky was having an affair with Elena, when Sona asked Elena to breakup, she did, but Vicky continued pestering her. Everyone are shocked. GKB continues alleging Elena and Sona. Mamaji comes and gives Vicky a tight slap and asks what happened to Elena. Radha yells let him beat Vicky as she cannot see Sona alleging Vicky wrongly. Dev also informs that Vicky took huge amount from office accounts. Vicky shouts he took a loan to repay his debt and not steal it. Mamaji tries to slap him again. Dev asks Vicky to tell where Elena is, nobody will tell him anything.

Nikki comes and says she knows something about Elena, shows Elena’s last pic on facebook that this is her last selfie. Sona starts crying and Dev consoles her. He then calls ACP and seeks his help. Radha thinks if Vicky is really involved as he is missinng now. Sona walks to living room. Mamaji asks if she got any info about Elena. She says not yet.

Bejoy enters with Asha and shouts where is Vicky. GKB starts fighting and alleges that he should have controlled his daughter and should check in some park, who knows he must be with some bengali boy. Bejoy shouts to control her tongue. Ishwari interferes and says she is also mother of 3 daughter and can understand his feelings, they all should think calmly and try to find out where Elena is.

Elena wearing bridal attire is seen in a dhaba. Vicky comes there wearing helmet and smiles at Elena. Elena says she is worried about family. Vicky asks not to worry as they are married now and should relax. He asks what would she have done if Sona would have asked to marry some Gosh babu. She says never as she loves only him. He says that is why he is mad behind her, anways tiger likes only tigress. They both hug.

Bejoy calls police and asks inspector to arrest Dev family for helping Vicky in kidnapping Elena. Dev says inspector that he spoke to ACP who told he cannot file missing complaint till 24 hours. Inspector says Mr. Bose has complained that Vicky has kidnapped Elena. Sona asks Asha what is all this. Asha says she cannot help as she is getting repeated calls from Elena’s motherGKB starts yelling this bengali baba called police and Ishwari is watching everything silently. Ishwari tells Bejoy he should have at least thought about their relationship. Bejoy says he just needs Elena back.

Elena returns with Vicky wearing garland in bridal dress. Everyone are surprised. Sona asks if she is fine, what is all this. Elena says she married Vicky and loves him. Asha stumbles in a shock. Vicky says he loves Sona and changed because of her, he has become responsible because of her. Elena says Sona wanted her to break up with Vicky and even Bejoy and Asha would have asked same, so she had to marry Vicky. GKB asks Bejoy if he can see his daughter’s misdeed and he was alleging Vicky instead. Sona apologizes mamaji on Elena’s behalf. Ishwari says both of them made mistake and nobody should be blamed alone. Elena apologizes Bejoy and Asha. Bejoy says she is dead for them now and walks with Asha.

Precap: Dev tells Ishwari if Elena and Vicky love each other, then why did they elope and marry. Ishwari says Elena is part of this family now and like they accepted Sona, they have to accept Elena also.

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