Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 4th August 2016 Written Episode

Mamaji tells Dev that Ishwari knows about Sona and she expected him to tell her soon, but he did not. She is deeply hurt and feels she failed. He suggests Dev to not let his mom fail.

Bejoy comes to Sona’s room and says Dev is a good man, Asha told him everything, he is happy about her decision. Sona says Dev is complicated, he discusses everything with her but did not tell about he to his mom. Dev goes to his room and thinks Sona was right, he should have informed mom, he needs to talk to Sona before speaking to mom. He calls Sona, but her phone is in silent mode and she does not notice it. Bejoy tells Sona that he is her best friend, even then she did not tell him about Dev, even Dev must be facing same siutation and delimma.

Dev goes to Ishwari’s room and sees Radha trying to feed Ishwari. He asks Radha to go out as he wants to talk to maa. Radha starts yelling that he considers her as outsider and says Ishwari if she says, she will go out, else Dev has to speak in front of her. Dev angrily asks her to out. She walks out and hears their conversation standing near door. Dev tells Ishwari that he did from her that he loves Sona. She says her happiness is in his happiness. He gets happy and says Sona is perfect match for him. Mamaji sees Radha hearing their converation and takes her from there. Ishwari says Dev she needs to rest now and repeats her happiness is in his happiness.

Elena comes to Sona and tries to console her. Sona continues crying. Elena says if this is falling in love, she is better without it. Sona sees Dev’s missed calls and calls him. Dev in this his happily thinks of meeting Sona personally and informing her that mom accepted their relationship. He starts driving car towards Sona’s home. Sona calls him again. He picks call and says he is coming to her home right now and asks her to come out. Sona comes down. Dev happily liftss her up.

Precap: Ishwari tells Mamaji that she is feeling the same uneasiness she was feeling since some days. Mamaji says as she wished Dev told her about Sona, now she is worried that her love will be shared.

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