Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th December 2016 Written Episode

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Sona informs Asha that Dev informed that she cannot become mother forever and he knew it even before marriage. Asha is shocked. Bejoy asks Asha to give phone to her. Asha does not give phone and tells Sona that Dev cares for her. Sona says Dev lied her and their relationship is standing on lie. Asha says he lied for her, if she had known before marriage that she cannot conceive, will she have married Dev, no na…Even after knowing such a big truth, Dev married her and made her life partner. Their relationship is standing on Dev’s courage and not this secret, she is sure Dev will be with Sona forever, Sona should understand Dev’s situation, Dev did all this for her. She prays god to keep them united forever, Ishwari loves her so much and will not change
with this truth, she should speak to Dev in the morning. Sona says yes. Asha asks not to cry and disconnects call.

Dev angily looks at god’s idol at home and confronts him that he always does injustice to all, his whole family believes him, but he does not and will never, he does not have place for god in his house. Ishwari listens to his conversation and calls him. He asks why did she come down, she should have rest. Ishwari says she feels as if she woke up after a long time. She makes him sleep on herl lap and asks what is the issue. He thinks how to tell her, she will know herself in the morning. He thinks too much reading her children’s face. Ishwari says mother can read children’s face and Dev’s eyes speak a lot. Dev takes her to her room.

Bejoy shouts at Asha how can she take Dev’s side, Dev is a fraud. Sourav confronts and asks how can he speak about Dev like this, he is Sona’s husband. Bejoy shouts they are blind folded by Dev’s fake love. Sourav says he did not understand Dev at all. When he and Sona were starting business, Dev gave him 5 crores cheque and took promise not to tell anyone. Asha asks Bejoy to stop hating Dev, Sona would not have got better life partner than Dev. Sourav says he is sure Dev will not leave Sona’s hand in life.

Dev returns back to room and swipes Sona’s tears. Sona apologizes him. He asks why sorry, he cannot see tears in her eyes. She says she always thought woman can achieve anything she wants, but she she cannot conceive at all. Dev says his life is incomplete without her, she has to be with him whole life, this is a bad phase of their life and will pass away like usual. Sona cries maa had so many expectations from them, but they hid truth from her. Dev says he agrees they should inform maa, but at this time maa is sleeping. Sona says they have to inform maat at any cost. Dev asks her to sleep and makes her sleep bed.

In the morning, Sona wakes up and searches Ishwari in her room and kitchen to tell truth, but does not find her. Dev also searches whole house and asks GKB if she knows where maa is. GKB starts drama and says earlier they tortured Ishwari so much mentally and are now acting, jiji knows everything. Dev asks what… GKB yells that Sona is a betrayer and cannot conceive in life, jiji shattered thinking she cannot get a heir now. Elena asks Sona if she is not pregnant. Sona says she will explain her later, where maa must have gone. Dev reminisces Ishwari’s words and says maa knew from night and was insisting to tell what is happening, maa left home, where she mus have gone. GKB acts more and prays god to protect her jiji.

Bejoy insists Asha to call Sona. Asha says Sona asked not to call until situation normalizes. Dev and Sona search Ishwari in locality showing Ishwari’s pic to people and asking if they saw her. Bejoy calls her and asks why she sounds tensed. Sona tells Ishwari came to know truth yesterday night and left home. Bejoy informs Asha that whatever he feared came true, Ishwari came to know truth and left home. Sona prays god to reunite her with her maa.

Precap: Sona goes to temple to pray for Ishwari. Ishwari is seen sitting near a pillar, but Sona does not notice her.

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