Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th September 2016 Written Episode

Dev sees Ishwari’s excitement for her would be grandchildren and thinks she has to listen truth at any cost.

At marriage hall, Sona gets ready for sangeet. Asha says she is looking very beautiful and says she will get some more jewelry for her. Elena pulls Sona’s legs and then shows gift and says jijaji sent it.

At Dev’s house, bua/aunt says Radha that Ishwari has maintained her house well. Radha starts her usual witty words and says Ishwari did not get Sona at all, but she was helpless. Vicky gives money and Radha says Ishwari gave to throw it on bengali, bengali’s eyes will be wide open. Ishwari comes and gives bua and her bahu jewelry boxes. Bua says she does not have give so much expensive gifts. Ishwari says she gives her moral
gyaan always and came all the way from Kanpur to bless her, these gifts are nothing. Aunt emotionally says that is why she likes Ishwari a lot.

Sangeet function starts at marriage hall. Sourav hosts function and introduces bride and groom’s family. Sona is introduced. Dev comes down. Sourav introduces him. Dev looks at Sona and thinks she is looking very beautiful. Ishwari introduces Sona to Bua. Bua blesses to have obedient children. Ishwari says she needs both granddaughter and grandson. Sona sits on couple chair. Dev sits next to her. She sees his face and thinks why is he looking so tensed.

Dance starts. Rhea and Nikki perform followed by Elena. Bua throws money on Elena. Elena is shocked. Mamaji handles situation and says Bua is dev’s grandmother and is very happy. Dev and Sona’s performance starts. They both dance on Tere sang yaara…song…They both then go and sit back on couple chair. Sona asks him why he is tensed, he should be happy thining about bua and mom’s words about children. Elena comes and chats with them. She then goes on stage and dances with group behind. Vicky comes and stands near her and says she is arrogant. She asks him to stay away from her. He holds her dupatta and pulls. She shouts how dare he is to touch her. Bejoy gets angry and tries to confront, but Asha stops him. Sona is shocked and gets angry. Dev also watches it and angrily walks towards Vicky and asks what was that..

Precap: Ishwari finds Sona’s report on Dev’s bed. Dev comes out of washroom and takes file from her. Ishwari asks if this is Sona’s report, what did doc say.

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