Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th December 2016 Written Episode

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Sona tells Dev that her kaaki maa can feel woman’s pulse and tell if she is pregnant or not, she told I am not pregnant. Dev nervously says how can she believe all these women, they try to prove doctors wrong. Sona says even she did not believe kaaki maa and wants to show her reports, where are they. Dev acts as searching and says he will find them and give it to her later. Sona says how will he get report here and gets report out of her dupatta and reminisces finding them in Dev’s car. Bejoy and Asha come and try to console her and are shocked seeing reports. Dev tries to speak. Sona shouts not to come near her, why did he do this. People tell right that women are dumb, even with her education she trusted him and he betrayed her, why did he do this…
He says because he loves her, he saw her and maa so happy with an unique bond and he did not want to break it. Sona says it was on a basis of lie and it will break after knowing truth. Dev says he did it for her. She cries that he broke her trust. He says again that he did it for her. She says he did it for himself and his ego, he is most selfish and cruel man. She walks away and gets into car. Dev runs behind and tries to explain. Sona shouts to never come near her in life and leaves in car.

While traveling in car, Sona reminisces Ishwari’s love for her grandchildren and pampering her so much, Dev’s lie, Sona herself thinking she is pregnant and talking to her baby. She cries vigorously.

Ishwari prays god how can she make so many mistakes and prays to keep her bahu and child safe. GKB comes and apologizes her and says she filled salt in sugar bottle by mistake. Ishwari says it is okay and calls Sona, but she does not pick call.

Asha cries in her home. Bejoy says let us go to Dev’s house and bring back Sona. How can Dev lie so much and make us all cry. Asha asks to calm down. Bejoy shouts how can Devv do this, even an enemy would not do this.

Sona’s car reaches home. Dev reaches behind her and hugs her tightly. Sona asks him to leave her as she is feeling like a stranger is hugging her, he just wanted to see her happy. She asks how can he be so selfish and lied his wife and mother, he is not even repenting for his mistake. She gets Ishwari’s call and says he should have at least thought about maa, she was so happy. Dev says he can understand. She shouts if he was, then he would not have lied. Dev says again he wants to see her happy. She asks to tell truth to maa. He says he cannot. She says she will inform then. She walks in. Bejoy and Asha come and she brings them out. Bejoy shouts why did she bring them out, they would have told truth to Ishwari. Sona says no. Dev walks near Sona. Bejoy pushes him and shouts because of him, Sona is suffering so much, he is so selfish and cruel, now he will inform Ishwari truth right now. Sona asks him to go now, she does not want to break Ishwari’s hope. Bejoy and Asha walk out. Dev tries to speak, but Sona walks in.

Precap: Sona tells Ishwari that she needs to tell her something. Dev eagerly looks at her and requests not to tell truth.

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