Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd January 2017 Written Episode

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Dev gets romantic with his girlfriend. Girlfriend says she wants a serious relationship and wants to marry her. He gets more romantic and says he loves her a lot. She says even she is. He then laughs and says there is no word as serious relationship and love in his dictionary and says he got many girlfriends before him and his answer for them was also same. He says it is over and sends her out and locks door from inside.

Suhana draws Sona and her drawing. Sona asks if she does not want to include trophy. Suhana says no and asks her what is her best trophy. Sona says Suhana. Suhana says then what is the need to include trophy and says she should have snatched trophy back from Mr. Obodro and should not have let him go like that.

Elena asks her son Golu to
drop water from mug and clicks his pics. She says GKB forcefed him and made him obese. Golu requests to tell him story. She says no and gives him something to and play. Vicky busy on laptop tells Elena if she remembers she is Golu’s mother, she should have told him story. She says even he is father and continues. GKB enters and asks Elena to click her pic. Elena says no. GKB in broken English yells she made her big photographer, but she does not want to click her MIL’s pic. Elena leaves. GKB asks Vicky if he has taught how to tackle Dev. Vicky says he is working on it. GKB praises him and asks to do something before Dev wastes all the wealth.

Sona sees Dev’s girlfriend knocking room door and shouting at Dev to let her in. Girlfriend sees Sona and says Dev’s ex-wife and yells that Dev kicked her out when she asked for commitment. Sona says it is her mistake that she let Dev in her life, she should confront Dev and teach him a lesson. Girlfriend says she is right. Their discussion continues.

Mamaji tells story to Golu. Golu says he and daadi tell boring stories. Mamaji continues story and falls asleep. Golu takes mamaji’s phone and calls Dev. Dev asks mamaji if you are fine. Golu says mamaji is in his room and if he wants to save mamaji, he has to tell him a story. Dev asks how did he get mamaji’s phone. He tells he was in daadi’s room and she was telling boring story, so he came to mamaji’s room and mamaji bored him with his story and fell asleep. Dev starts story.

Asha gets call from Sona’s mobile.. Asha picks call and asks how is she. Suhana says it is her and tells her what happened today. Asha says her both daughters are intelligent. Bejoy asks Suhana to give him kissy first. She gives kiss. Asha asks her to give kiss to Sona before sleep. Suhana says yes an disconnects call.

Girlfriend asks Sona what to tell Dev. Sona asks if she broke up anytime. Girlfriend says many times, but for the first time someone ditched her. Sona tells her what to say and vents out all her anger, that Dev does not deserve love, he is mamma’s boy, he is arrogant, he is lonely, etc… Dev continues story and Golu falls asleep. Girlfriend tells Sona that this is perfect and knocks Dev’s door loudly. Sona’s maid tells Sona she should not have told all this about Dev. Sona asks her to get in. Dev opens door hearing girlfriend’s banging door. Sona sees Suhana still busy drawing and asks why she is still awake. Suhana says she will not sleep without a kiss. Sona hugs her and Suhana kisses her and says good night. Dev asks girlfriend why did she come back. She says to take her sandals and tell him who he is,, he is arrogant, donkey, mamma’s boy, etc., etc. Dev realizes these are Sona’s words and reminisces Sona telling same. He holds girlfriend and asks who taught her these. She says his ex-wife and shouts he is mad and even she is, whoever come between them will become mad like them. Dev knocks Sona’s door and shouts to open door, she cannot interfere in his life like this. Sona asks maid to open door and make sure Suhana does not wake up. Dev says he will count 5 and if she does not open door, he will break it. He counts 5 and is about to kick door when Sona comes out. Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam…music plays in the background.

Precap: Sona calls police and complains that someone is trying to enter her room forcefully and gets Dev arrested for trespassing..

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