Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd December 2016 Written Episode

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The episode begins with Police arresting Ayaan for attempting to murder Dev .
Dev reveals his police officer friend suggested how to trap Ayaan in a similar trap ayaan laid for dev .
Dev says the police officer himself is a witness to hsi actions
Police arrest Ayaan .

Ayaan pleads
guilty , he pleads him to forgive him He assures thatbhe would never come near him or his family , dev warns him never to cross his path .
Police ask ayaan to sign his confession letter , it will be kep by police as a form of bail for his release .
Ayaan signs the papers and leaves . Police take off his handcuffs .
Dev orders him to leave this city .He warns Ayaan if he told Sona about not being pregnant he would face dire consequences .
Dev thanks
Police ,
Police says Ria was his sister too ,

At home Sona tries to calm Ishwari who is restless for Dev .
Maa tries to appear calm but she herself is agitated . Sona tells maa that she herself was very worried for her son . They get concerned ahout their baby. Ishwari forgets al about dev once she remembers the baby . She rushes to get some food for sona .

At Bose house Bijoy discusses with Asha thatbhe would take his waste management work very seriously , asha is impressed , The new neighbour madhumita comes to their house.Bijoy starts flirting with her
She gives a gift to Bijoy. It is a painting done by her .
Bijoy and asha appreciate her painting .they thanknher and asha offers them tea .

In the dining room GKB has done cooking , she tells elena to cut coriander and sprinkle on all the dishes . Ishwari arrives there and is annoyed that GKB was preparing the table as if there was a lunch party here , no one was bothered about Dev who was out of the house all night and with out BF, also ria was upset becaue of the broken rishtaa .Hoc could GKB prepare chhappan bhog ??
Ishwari says no one would eat until Dev returned .Asks her to cover everything and wait . Only sona would eat as she was not supposed to remain hungry
GKB is reluctant to wait for Dev but Ishwari asks every one to wait for Dev , no one would eat until dev was here. Elena and Vicky pass comments on the drama , but theu decide to tolerate it because they wanted to live in this house .

In her room Sona scolds dev’s pic for not protesting when maa was shutting the door on his face . GKB gets thaali of khana for Sona . Sona is concerned about others . She decides to wait for dev … As he too must be hungry .

In their room Vilene are feeling hungry. Elena suggests they go out and eat something an come back . GKB comes and reprimands elena for planning to eating out all the time , if Ishwari heard them theu would have eat out all their lives . Elena says it was Dixit’s fault not bengali sisters fault .
Vicky scolds his maa for arguing all the time .

Dev reaches his home and complains about his maa for throwing him out , sona comes to meet him and asks him to patch up with maa. Sona gets thaali of food for sharing with Dev .
Dev refuses to eat . Sona says her baby was waiting . Dev remembers his maa, henis sure she would not have eaten . Dev then reluctantly agrees to eat but maa arrives at the door and reprimands sona for getting food for him despite her warning against it . Sona protests that she had not forgiven him. Maa says Dev should have returned ho,emearlier. He should have thought about Sonaand his baby .

Finally maa asks him to enter the house. Dev apologises to maa that she was correct about Ayaan and he was wrong . Maa is so relieved that her son had changed his views . . She asks him to have food and let otjers too enjoy the meal .
Sona is shocked to se Dev taking a U Turn as regards Ayaan surely something was wrong here , she wonders what … He was surely hiding something .

Precap: Asha comes to Dixit house with her kaakima , she had the speciality of diagnosing pregnancy by touching a woman’s pulse . She touches sona and is surrpised and tells sona that she was not pregnant. Sona and asha are shocked

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