Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd December 2016 Written Episode

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Dev tells Ishwari that Ayan is a good boy and they should reconsider alliance. Ishwari says she has already broken this alliance and if he does not agree, then he should get out of hhouse. She sends him out and locks door. GKB asks how can she send her own son out. Ishwari says it is between her and her son, nobody can interfere between them. GKB stands shocked. Dev standing out near his car thinks maa send him out for Sona, he always wanted maa to give more love to Sona than him, he smiles.

Sona asks Elena to bring water for Ishwari, makes Ishwari sits on sofa and asks her to relax, she will go out and bring back Dev. Ishwari says no need and asks GKB to prepare some food for Sona. GKB with fuming face says she can go up with Sona, she will prepare food.

beggar asks Dev to give some money in god’s name. Dev scolds that his god will not help him, nobody can unless he helps himself and asks to never come near his house. Beggar leaves. Dev thinks he has to tackle Ayan. Ayan calls him just then. Dev asks him to meet at some venue in 30 min.

Bejoy fumes on his society members that nobody understood about wet and dry weight segregation. Asha asks him to calm down. Door bell rings. Asha opens door. A beautiful middle aged lady comes and says she is new society member and wants to meet Bejoy. Bejoy’s eyes sparkle seeing her and he politely says he is secrety. Lady says she could not attend meeting, so she needs his advice in waste management. Asha says Bejoy is tired now. Bejoy says he is not and politely flirts with her. Asha is shocked to see his flirting.

Sona tries to calm Ishwari. Ishwari says she must be feeling bad that sh scolded her husband. Sona says Dev is her son first and then my husband. Ishwari says for her, they both are same now and says she wants to tell her why she did it.

Ayan meets Dev and asks if he convinced his family. Dev says he spoke to his family. Ayan says he boasted that he is a wall between his family, but he made window in that wall. Dev says he spoke to his family, but mom did not agree, who will agree to marry their daughter to a man like him.

Ishwari says when she met Sona first time as a nutrionist, she realized Sona is a clean hearted girl, but when Sona became Dev’s wife, she tried to accept her, but could not and thought Dev will forget his mother entangled in new relationship. She was so afraid of losing Dev and ignored all other relationships, but her fear was baseless. Dev tells Ayan that his mother kicked him out today for his wife and their bonding is so good now that even he cannot interfere. He tried his best to convince, but they did not accept for this alliance. Ishwari tells Sona that she was angry that Sona would never give her happiness of a grandchild, but when Sona conceived, she gave happiness of whole world. Ishwari says even Dev will he happy that she is with Sona.

Dev tells Ayan that he will never let a rogue like him near his sister. Ayan says what the hell. Dev says he does everything personally and handles his business personally. Ayan says if he will expose his truth in front of his family, they will never forgive him. Dev says today he will show him if someone comes between him and his family, what will happen to them. He hits his head on car repeatedly and asks if it is bleeding. Ayan asks what is he doing.

Sona says Ishwari that she sent out The Dev Dixit, he can stay in 7 star hotel for even a month. Ishwari says Dev faced his mom’s wrath, he will stay outside door and will never go anywhere, he is still her boy. She asks Sona not to get melt when Dev comes and says she will show Dev wil be near door. They peep out and don’t see Dev. Ishwari asks watchman where is Dev. Watchman says he left in his car. Sona says maa, your son is spoilt now.

Dev slaps Ayan and says this is for playing with Riya’s feelings. Police reaches. Dev asks polie to arrest Ayan. Ayan asks if he has any proof that he blackmailed him. Dev slaps him again and says he is getting arrested for attempt to murder.

Precap: Sona takes food for Dev. Dev asks why did she come here. Sona asks what happened to his foerhead. Ishwari comes and asks Sona if she forgot what she told.

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