Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd August 2016 Written Episode

Dev goes to his office. Tina brings him new phone. He asks if she recovered audio clip. She says she could not. He scolds her. She says she is going home as her mom is ill, she has taught everything to other employee. He nods yes. She says Ms. Bose’s cheque is still with her. He says to deposit in the account. She says sir.. He shouts to do as he says.

Sona’s family tries to cheer her up and celebrate her birthday. She feels heart broken without Dev and reminisces their meetings. Dev also gets heartbroken and cries looking at orange shirt, etc. He goes to the places where they used to meet and spend time and cries..

Ishwari is in kitchen. Radha comes to kitchen and brainwashes Ishwari that until Dev gets married, Sona will haunt them as nobody
forgets first love easily. Dev comes and Ishwari asks him to have breakfast. He says he has important work and will have breakfast at office. Radha continues brainwashing Ishwari. On the other side, Bejoy asks Sona if she is readyy for marriage. Sona says yes, she failed when she tried to find a life partner for her, so she will trust her parents now. Bejoy tells Ashaa that he told Sona will not resist.

Ishwari calls marriage broker who tells he has rich family girls for Dev. She says she needs a groo, not bride. He says he has even good boys for Ria. She says she needs a bengali boy. He shows pics. She shows Sona’s pic and says boy should match Sona and should be well cultured and educated. He says he has many more. She asks him to go to Sona’s house somehow and convince her parents. He agrees and goes to Sona’s house where Bejoy introduces him to family and he shows pics. They like Ishwari’s selected boy. Elena asks Sona if she is ready for marriage immediately after breakup. Sona says she will go on her parent’s choice. Ishwari calls broker and asks if he did his work. He says yes, Sona’s family liked boy and may call him soon.

Dev goes to Sona’s area and waits outside his car to have a glimpse of her. A flower selling girl insists him to buy flowers. He reminisces dorning flowers on Sona’s hair, says girl that he does not have anyone to dorn flowers and gives 500 rs to her. She thanks him and leaves. He cries that he wants to see Sona.

Ishwari promotes Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman’s new chapters.

Precap: Dev waits for Sona in car outside. Sona and Elena go to restaurant and Elena tells Sona it is good she is wearing ID card, if she is lost, someone will drop her home. Sona leaves ID card on table. Dev picks it.

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