Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th January 2017 Written Episode

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The episode starts and we see Sona speaking to reporters that she was always looking forward, thats why her company had good growth percentage. Dev interrupts that only work spoke for itself, not words. He had learned this trick long back but this mistake was done by the newly growing companies, its oK they will learn by their mistakes. This is the way to go. Sona looks at him angrily.

At Dixit mansion, Ishwari is blaming Sona for everything that happened in her life and Dev’s life, how she was suffering the effects of losing her son, all because of rift between maa beta by Sonakshi. She is in tears, she misses her son even though she was living in the same house. She dare not speak to him else he go further away from her. Mama ji listens.

At the award ceremony, Sona
takes her car back to hotel, so does Dev. He tells the driver that this award was not being given to him but to an akdu battameez ladki, so he snatched it from her. Driver smiles and Dev smirks.

Dev and Sona arrive at the same hotel… At the same time … Their cars almost following each other. Sona notices his car. They reach the receptionist desk at the same time. They share eyelock. Both demand keys. Dev was given coral suite while she was given the next one Emerald suite. Sona demands change of suite but there are no more rooms available. They have eyelock. They go to their floor in the same lift. They have eyelock again in elevator and then as they wait to enter their rooms.

Dev is received by a girl who flirts with him openly. He smiles at her, holds her and tells her that he took time to explain to the start up companies.

Inside his room Dev keeps distance from the girl, but she appears quite interested in him. Shruti then confesses she loved him and she believes Dev loved her too but he looks lost.

Sona enters her room by using her keys. Inside her room, her maid informs Suha had fallen asleep while watching TV. Suha wakes up and hugs and congratulates her mummy.

Bijoy calls up Guna… the maid …and inquires about Sona and asks her to keep him informed if Sona was having any stress or problems. He asks the maid to take care of sona’s meals.

Suha demands to see the trophy but she makes excuses. Next moment Sona receives a huge box containing the trophy. Sona is shocked. Sona finds a note from Dev saying he wanted to snatch away the pride and happiness from her face that she felt the moment she was awarded the trophy and he succeeded. He did not need to keep this trophy any more so she could keep it.

Suha is full of awe and admiration at the beautiful trophy. She complains why mumma was hiding this from her. Suha wishes to take pictures with the trophy and keep them as memories. Sona explains to Suha that she was given the award but this trophy was given to some one else, so they had to return this trophy. Suha says this was too much confusion. Sona adds a note and sends the pack back to Dev’s coral suite thru the housekeeper. But he refuses as there were instructions not to disturb him. Sona taunts saying she knew what he was busy with, she hands him the box and asks him to deliver it to Coral suite when Mr Dev Dixit gets free.

In Dev’s room, he is quiet and lost in thought. Shruti tries to speak to him. Persuades him to share his troubles, his feelings but he ignores her. He is lost in the past moments with Sona where Sona demanded him to share his thoughts with her. Shruti complains that she knew his condition was because of his ex wife. Dev does not share anything with. She pleads him to speak to her. She tells him to be serious with her, she refuses to have casual relationship with him but Dev remains lost in thoughts. Dev recollects sona’s accusations about not being able to love.

At Bose mansion, Asha is annoyed with Bijoy for making Guna do Sona’s jasoosi (spy), she was hired for taking care of Suha. He had brought up his children and made them self sufficient now he should give then freedom to live their lives and take their own decisions. Bijoy realises his mistake. Guna calls them to inform that Sona had told everything to Suha.

Precap: Dev bangs on Sona’s door. He shouts at her saying she could not hide behind this closed door after playing havoc in his life. Sona calls security that some one was trying to force himself into her room. Sona gets Dev arrested for trespassing into her room. Security and police arrive and take him away.

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