Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st September 2016 Written Episode

Mamaji calls Ishwari and asks if she reached home. She says Dev did not come yet. He had infored Dev and will call him again. She says it is okay, Nikki called taxi, they will meet at home then. They get into taxi and leave. Mamaji calls Dev and asks if he is busy. Dev says no. Mamaji says Ishwari was waiting for him in temple till now and just left in taxi. Dev feels guilty.

Bejoy, Sen and Asha discuss about Sona and Rithvik’s engagement. Sen says he wants Sona at his home soon. Bejoy says not so soon. Sona enters and asks if they are ready, then they can fix engagement date.

Ishwari limps with leg pain. Mamaji gets hot water tub for her and immerses her legs in water. She asks why did he trouble himself. He says it is okay and says Dev is an
obedient son and he would have forgotten to pick her by mistake.

Sona and Rithvik chat. Rithvik discusses about his first love when he was 19 and he was in 3 years relationship and took 3 years to forget his love. Their discussion continues.

Dev rushes home and apologizes Ishwari for nothing pick her up from temple and asks if she is fine. She says syes and he need not worrry. Dev goes to his room and at night cries that Sona cannot be someone else’s. Mamaji comes and says even he used to love a girl when he was 20 and his family did not agree, he could not marry the girl and is repenting his whole life. He suggests not to lose Sona and repent his whole life, he is troubling himself, Sona, and even the boy who is marrying Sona. Dev says Sona is already marrying. He says she loves only him even now. Dev gets very happy.

Rithvik comes from shopping with Sona and Elena. Elena says she did a lot of shopping. Rithvik says thhere are 3 kind of people, one who shop, one who carry their bags, and one who does not like Sona. Bejoy scolds Elena for shopping on Rithvik’s money. Rithvik jokes he will send bill to Bejoy. Family gets busy in chatting. Dev calls Sona’s number repeatedly, but she does not look at it. Rithvik notices it. While dropping Rithvik out, Bejoy tells him that he has made his dad’s favorite director’s movies. He sees Rithvik sad and asks if he should speak to Sona. Rithvik says he did not see such a wonderful girl like Sona in his life, but he is worried that Sona’s ex-love is troubling him even now and was calling on her mobile repeatedly today.

Precap: Bejoy confronts Ishwari to keep her son under control, why did Dev call Sona 11 times. Ishwari asks Dev why does not he forget Sona and why did call her repeatedly.

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