Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th April 2016 Written Episode

Sona brings food to Ishwari’s room and angrily says she does not have to apoligize her and should follow this diet as punishment. Ishwari gets afraid. Sona opens plate and laughs. Ishwari gets happy seeing parantha. Sona laughs and says she was doing acting and paratha is her reward for dieting for a long time. Ishwari acts as slapping her and says she was also acting. Sona asks to have paratha then. Ishwari says she wants to apologize anyways. She says she felt bad that she tried to eat samosas and spoil her health. Radha enters. Sona asks if she also needs paratha. Radha says if something is left. Sona says she will prepare her fresh paratha and leaves. Radha tries to provoke Ishwari that Sona will spoil her health with paratha. Ishwari asks her to spare Sona at least now.

Saurab does laptop pooja. Daadi asks if he will watch ramayan on it. He says important than that. Mom asks Uttam Kumar’s picture. Saurabh says her child’s future. Daadi asks Sona’s. He asks if he is not her child and says he has opened oline website and will receive orders online. Mom and daadi get happy and congratulate him. Elena joins them and she taunts him. Daadi asks him to call Sona. Sona picks call and he informs about website. She says she is proud of him. Elena taunts Sona about Dev.

Dev gives money envelope to Sona and says Kichu told she bought mom’s vegetables, so it is her money. She says it is okay. He says she should accept it and next time she should give bills to Kichu. She says okay. He asks if she will not count money. She says it is okay, she trusts him. He says she should not blindly and says after mom’s condition betters, she can join his company as he wants honest people and he is a businessman. Sona gets irked. Elena calls Sona and taunts about Dev. Sona says he is just her boss and she is an employee, nothing more. Sona then thinks why she is feeling bad.

Sona goes to kichen and asks Kichu to prepare food as she said. He says okay. Radha silently comes in and adds more salt in poha. Kichu comes back and she scolds that food was burning.

While having dinner, Nikki shows Dev’s magazine pic to Ishwari. She says her son is looking handsome. Sona brings poha. Ishwari tastes it and says it is very tasty, asks her to tell Kichu to make same poha again. Radha asks if it is really good. Ishwari says yes. Ria joins them and informs mom that Dev was waiting for Sona for 5 hours to convince her to join back. Nikki asks 5 hours… Nikki jokes. Ishwari gets angry that nutrionist made Dev wait for 5 hours. Dev and Sona pass by and get tensed seeing mom’s face. Ishwari angrily leaves food in between.

Dev tells Sona that he trusts her that she will find solution for Radha’s problem. Radha goes to Ishwari and asks her to convince Sona to monitor even her diet. Ishwari asks if she really wantsto. Radha taunts that when everyone are fond of Sona, why she should not, especially dev waited for her for 5 hours. Ishwari gets irked and says Sona made dev wait unnecessarily. Radha brainwashes her and provokes against Sona.

Sona walk in home holding thermometer in her mouth. Elena checks and says she doe snot have fever. Sona says she buttered god to get fever, but did not. Saurabh comments that even in childhood, she used to butter god during exams to get fever. Sona says dev’s mom came to know that she made Dev wait for 5 hours. Saurabh and Elena taunt that her mother-in-law is angry now. Sona says she is her patient. She continues her explanation.

Precap: Dev gets Sona’s call and acts shocked. He goes out and Nikki runs and hugs him. He angrily asks driver to drop Sona home. Sona tries to explain, and he should does not want to listen anything.

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