Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th January 2017 Written Episode

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Dev comes to golu’s school on a bike and says him whatz up junior, if he was missing him. Golu points at other children’s mothers and says they are missing him more and says because of him he has gained wait and people call him golu. He says people will scold him because of him. Dev asks how. Golu says he took him for a vacation, so he could not read. Dev says if he has done mistake, he will bear punishment from teacher. He lifts Golu and walks. Ladies stare at him.

Suhana packs her bags and says Sona that she wants to meet her father and know how Mr. Obodro looks. Bejoy shouts he will not her Suha go, Dixits are tricksters and will trap Suha. Suhana gets afraid and hugs Asha. Asha asks Bejoy not to frighten baby. Bejoy apologizes and says he
does not want her to go to Delhi. Sona says Suhana must have tought well. Bejoy says Suha is still a baby. Suhana says she has grown up now.

Dev walks into Golu’s class room and meets his teacher. Teacher gets mesmerized seeing Dev and says what a pleasant surprise. Dev says he meets her during every PT meeting. Teacher shyingly says Golu has to improve a lot. Dev says they met may times, so hey are connected now. Teacher starts staring at her.

Sona tells Bejoy he should let Suhana meet Dev and family. Asha asks Suhana if she can manage as she will not have daadu and dida there and Sona will not come with her. Suhana says she will manage.

Dev continues and talks about other class teacher. Teacher says she will pay more attention on Golu and make him improve. Dev says okay then, he will move as there will be other parents waiting to meet her. Teacher says she can come to his house and teach Golu and holds pen. Dev writes his mobile number and says she can call anytime. They both walk out nd Golu tells he fooled teacher well and says no hanky panky. Dev says okay junior an walks lifting him.

Suhana tells Sona that she was joking, she will not know, says what if she was a demanding daughter. Sona reminisces Dev telling what if he was that kind of husband. Sona tells Suhana that they are going to Delhi. Suhana excitedly thanks her. Bejoy says Suhana is completely like Sona and not like Dev.

GKB scolds her servant in broken English. Ishwari comes and sits on sofa. Golu comes calling her. GKB asks how did he come so early. Golu says big chachu spoke to teacher and saved him. GKB says when big chachu is around, there is nothing to worry. Golu says they went on a bike ride. GKB says those days were so good when Dev used to be here. Golu asks what happened. GKB starts badmouthing that Dev was caring so much for his mother and family, but his ex-wife changed him completely and now he does not come home regularly or meet is mother. Ishwari silently hears. Golu says that means big chachi is bad. Selfish Elena also hears everything but does not utter anything. GKB’s broken English continues.

Dev enters his office. Employees congratulate for his success and says whenever he comes and picks stock, their company benefits a lot. He announces 2 months bonus and asks to keep that bonus as he is closing this company. Vicky is shocked hearing this. Dev says till now whatever they have traded will be closed and their company will not deal in stock market. Employee says but sir… Dev sends them all. Vicky shouts why did he close trading company, they were getting profit only from that company. Dev says he will not become Dev dixit if he wears clothes like him and says he is closing his company, but has left Vicky’s 500 crore company, she should learn to run company and not interfere in his ideas. Vicky angrily leaves. PA comes and gives mails to Dev. Dev throws them in dustbin and says he has hired him to check all this mails, if he should give him 2 months bonus and restricate. PA apologizes. Dev asks him to go and look at his work. PA says he got invitation for award, but he said he will not come. Dev asks why. PA says Sona is awarded best women entrepreneur of the year award. Dev says Sona is his ex-wise and asks to go and tell he is attending award function.

Precap: While traveling in car, Sona looks out repeatedly. Suhana asks whom she is looking at. Sona says nobody. Dev tops his bike next to her car, but they don’t notice each other.

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