Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th September 2016 Written Episode

Mamaji and Ishwari are shocked to see Dev heavily inebriated. Vicky enters and taunts that dad scolded him for coming home inebriated and now Dev himself came home heavily inebriated and subconscious. Mamaji asks him to help him drop Dev to his room. Vicky says dad his old back may sprain, so he will drop Dev to his room. He takes drops Dev on his bed and then leaves taunting his dad again. Mamaji starts crying and says Ishwari that she is the reasons for Dev’s condition.

At Sona’s house, Bejoy fumes that his daughter shattered his dignity, what Sen and Ritwick must be thinking after their insult. Sona enters with Sourav and Elena and tries to speak. Bejoy asks her to go to her room and asks Elena to take her from there. Sona walks. Bejoy says his
own daughter could shatter his dignity. In the morning, Asha asks Bejoy to have breakfast. He says no.. Sona also tries to convince him. Ritwick comes and Bejoy says he was about to come to his house and speak to him and his dad. Ritwick says Dad is having his own problems and will not understand, so he should not go. He says Sona that she could not control herself and took a hurried decision to marry him, she still loves Dev and cannot be happy with him, wishes her best of luck for his future and leaves waving family good bye. Bejoy sits in distress.

Dev wakes up and panicking thinking what he did yesterday night. Mamaji brings lemon juice and says he will feel good. Dev asks if Sona had come here. Mamaji says yes and asks if he remembers what happened yesterday night. Dev says he was drinking during Sonakshi’s party and fell down, Sona dropped him home and he does not remember what happened next. Mamaji says they found him on sofa and dropped him to his house.

Bejoy continues crying that he wanted happiness for his daughter, but his daughter did not think about his dignity. Sona feels disheartened hearing this. Dev calls Sona’s number and Elena picks it and asks why did he call Sona after breaking her engagement by creating such a big drama during her engagement. He is shocked and asks her to let her speak to Sona. Elena says he should keep away from Sona and disconnects call. Dev panicks that Sona’s engagement cancelled because of him.

Precap: Ishwari gathers family and says she has made a decision and nobody will opposite, she wants Dev to marry.

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