Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th October 2016 Written Episode

Dev comes home and asks Vicky why did he come early, they would have come together if he had stayed back. Ishwari says she told him both brothers will work together. Vicky says he will not work as peon in Dev’s office. Dev asks what is he telling. Ishwari says Sona told her, even if she had not told, if he would have given his brother a peon job to this brother. Dev says he gave Vicky a trainee job. She asks even then.. Vicky says he is unfit for Dev’s job, Dev thinks he is great and everyone are useless. He will find a job outside and tells Dev that he should be happy that his company’s worst trainee left job first day itself. Ishwari continues that siblings and relatives are not for celebrating festivals, after getting new relaationships, old ones
should not be forggotten. She walks towards her room and Dev folows her.

Bejoy waits for dinner and asks where is Sourav. Asha says he will come. Sourav comes. Bejoy scolds that he should keep his vest and brief business outside home and not let family wait, it is better he should keep his wife waiting. Asha says her son will get a pretty girl. Bejoy says who will marry her. Asha says many girls will die to marry him. Bejoy says he should not let others wait.

Dev enters Ishwari’s room. Ishwari asks him to go. Dev says how will Vicky work without getting a proper training, even Rhea did. Ishwari says Vicky does not have to learn job, they got a chance to clear bhaiya/mamaji’s debt. She reminisces mamaji withdrawing his PF money to pay Rhea’s hospital bills. Ishwari says he kept PF money for his house. He says he did not differentiate between Vicky and Rhea and family is important than any house. Ishwari comes out of flashback and says he forgot his past and it is up to him if he will respect relationships or money. Even if they clear bhaiya’s debts for 7 lives, they cannot. They would have cleared some by giving a high designation to Vicky, but he did not. He is forgetting old relationships for new ones.

Sourav tries to walk out silently. Bejoy stops him and says he and Asha have decided to get him married and will search a girl for him. Asha says they will upload his profile in matrimonial site and get a pretty bengali girl for him. He says he does not want to marry. Bejoy asks if he loves boys, that is why he is selling vests and briefs. Sourav says he likes girls and cannot marry right now, says he has an imporant work and walks out.

Dev sits in his room and thinks about Ishwari’s words. Sona enters and says whatever people tell him, he is right. Dev shouts enough, she should leave him alone and let him think. She says if he does not discuss his problems with her, how will she solve it. He says she can only help him by leaving him alone. She says she is worried about him and family. He says she is brought up in a normal environment, but he has seen poverty where his sister used to look with eager eyes when he could not pay her hospital bills. He continues.

Ishwari sits for dinner with family and waits for Dev. Radha says dev must be coming as maina/Sona is here and tota/Dev will come for sure. Nikki says who will call tota maina in this age, she should call laila majnu. Dev comes and asks why did not they start, where is Vicky. Radha cries that her poor son is crying in room. Dev asks Nikki to call Vicky. She calls and he comes and sits for dinner. Dev says he has decided that Vicky will work as project head. Vicky says he will not work for him and will search for another job. Dev insists him to agree. Vicky says he does not need charity. Dev says he has thought well and did a mistake, so wants to correct it. Vicky says if he is insisting he will come tomorrow, he looks at Sona angrily and leaves.

Sona comes to drink water in kithchen and turns. Vicky clashes with her. She asks if he cannot watch and walk. He says if she crosses Ishwari Industry’s project head, she will get hurt obviously. She says she got job with his dirty trick. He says if she had not interfered, Dev would not have been forced to apologize. He continues misbehavior. Sona says she will not let misuse Dev’s goodness. He says she can do whatever she can. She leaves. He continues insulting her, naukrani turned bhabhi.

Mamaji comes to Dev and asks why did he give such a big designation to Vicky, he does not even deserve to be his brother. Dev says as a brother, it was hhis dduty. Ishwari interferes and says Dev is right, after elder’s are left, both brothers have to follow their lineage. Mamaji thanks Dev. Dev says it is nothing in front of what he did, he just needs his blessings and not thanks. Mamaji blesses him to be tension-free forever.

Precap: Sona confronts Dev that after marriage the decisions they took together, he changed himself alone. He shouts why is she stretching issue. She says till yesterday he was till it was ours, now he is tell me and you, some words are felt and not spoken.

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