Kasam 8th December 2016 Written Episode

Rano and Malaika come in, Malaika says she thought it was Rishi’s child. Rishi agrees to Rano that nothing since her taking up Tannu’s face till their marriage was a coincidence, it was all her planning. Rano tells Rishi that Tanuja is a murderer’s daughter, she will show him love and care again and try to win his heart. She is filth, he needs to end this matter. Rishi turns towards Tanuja, and decides she has no place in this house. He tells her to pick her luggage and get out, shouting in rage. He tells her to go to Neha and Bani who have only planned against him, they are her real face and that’s her real place. Malaika smirks. Tanuja murmurs I am sorry. Rano questions if she has called a name for someone that she is apologizing, she can’t stay in the house anymore and pushes her away. Malaika
finds Rishi tensed, Rishi tells her to go away. Rano drags Tanuja to her room, and tells her to pack her bag and leave. Malaika comes there, Malaika asks Tanuja if she is crying because Rishi rejected her, or her plan was failed. She tells Tanuja that no one would stop her today, she must leave as soon as possible. Rano warns her not to take any expensive thing from their home, as she is well aware of her family. Tanuja was only crying, Rano pushes her towards the wardrobe. Malaika was curt that Tanuja is being too slow, and throws her clothes on the floor. Rano tells her to put the jewelry off. Tanuja comes to wrap the dresses. Rano hurries her.
There, Rishi finds an earring on the quilt. Her laughter echo in his mind, he tries to shut his ears tight. Rishi was determined to show Tanuja how curt he can be. He doesn’t want to hate her forever, and there is a single way to get rid of this feeling. She is not Tannu, she is Tanuja; a daughter of Sandy and Neha. She has tried to ruin his life, but that’s it. He will no more let them laugh over himself.
Tanuja holds her bag to leave, she looks around the room for once, crying; remembering her times with Rishi. They watch Rishi standing on the door. Rishi comes in, saying he never thought this relation was such a betrayal and would break so soon. Such relations based on lies and betrayal break as such, and there is no chance of their unity again. He clutches her arm, insisting everything has ended. He takes her outside. Malaika cheers that soon she would live in this room with Rishi. She thinks about finding a permanent solution for Tanuja, she must die not to return here.
Rishi drags Tanuja outside. They stop at once, when they hear Raaj wishing Bee ji about his birthday. He asks everyone to wish Bee ji, along with him. Rishi wonders when Raaj returned. Rano wonders what they should do now. Malaika insists Tanuja should leave the house, isn’t that final. Rishi leaves Tanuja’s hand at once. He takes her inside, announcing he won’t push her out of the house; because she has taken Raaj into trust. Rano remember that Raaj told her in morning he had chest pain. Rano tells Rishi Raaj called her and said he has pain in his heart. Rishi warns Tanuja he has bartered his pain, he won’t push her away but will bring her reality to Raaj and tell him how dangerous she is. He fought them all just to keep her here. He fought with Rano as well. Now, he promises to disclose her truth to Raaj, Raaj would throw her out of this house by himself. He leaves the room. Rano wonders why Raaj didn’t tell her about his arrival.
Rishi comes downstairs, and looks around for Raaj. He couldn’t find Bee ji there. Manpreet comes looking for Raaj, Rishi goes looking for Raaj and doesn’t speak to Manpreet. Ahana comes out, watching Rano and Malaika come downstairs in search of Raaj. She thinks what must have happened upstairs.

PRECAP: Tanuja confirms if Rishi really want her to sign the divorce papers. Rishi says yes. Tanuja promises to sign these papers. She signs the papers.

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