Kasam 7th June 2016 Written Episode

Tannu tells Rishi that she wanted to tell Raaj about everything but she couldn’t. Rishi assures Tannu that she never betrayed Raaj, he has always proposed her but she never said a no, she got a clean chit. He asks to wipe her tears now, and not let any Pavan between them until they get married. He says he know Tannu loves her, she just doesn’t tell him. He assures her that everything will be fine in a few days. Tannu says he won’t ever understand the worth of relations, we never understand our parents when they are with us, but when they leave only then we understand what we lost. Rishi asks not even their love can replace that? Tannu says no, if she has to sacrifice even her love and her relation with him to get her parents back, she will happily sacrifice anything just to get them back. Rishi comes towards her, smiles and turns her face saying he feels proud of his love. If his parents won’t have brought him here how he would have met her, he holds her hands and promises when this problems get solved, he will fill love for her in his parent’s heart. He can’t return her parents but will make sure they love her more than him. Tannu hugs him, Rishi smiles.
The next morning, Saloni brings tea for Pavan. His mother brings a Shagun thaal to be given to Tanvi. Pavan looks towards Saloni, then says he would give them in the evening. His mother notices his stare at Saloni, and asks Pavan to take care about Tanvi. She is going to give them an heir, what if one daughter in law couldn’t give them their heir. Saloni goes inside. His mother asks him to take Saloni along as well.
Rishi packs his bag, then demands Manpreet why he is staring her? Manpreet touches his face, he wonders how dare he held a hand over him? Rishi tells Manpreet he could see stars and moons when Raaj slapped him. Manpreet was angry. Rishi says he is his father, he has a right to be mad sometime. Manpreet fights with him to leave his hand, Rishi does. Manpreet bangs at the wall. Rishi tells Manpreet to leave for Amritsar, they have to bring the reality of Pavan and Saloni’s marriage to everyone, else they might miss their flight. They head outside, hiding from everyone. Tannu hits Rishi and demands where they are going? Rishi says nowhere. Manpreet comes to spit they are going to Amrit… Rishi slaps him them and there. He sends Manpreet to get the taxi, Tannu stops him. Rishi says he dislikes when Bani takes so much work from her. Tannu asks not to change the topic, else she has a lot to do. Rishi asks her to do it, and leave. Tannu comes out and ask where he is going? Manpreet was about to tell the truth, Rishi shuts her mouth and leave. Neha comes out and asks Tannu where they are going. Tannu says she doesn’t know, Neha goes inside.
Pavan comes there, Tannu was concerned and asks Saloni why she shout yesterday. They both deny recalling about it, Pavan makes up it might be a lizard. The come inside with Shagun for Tanvi. Bani asks Tanvi to accept it and sends her to get tea for everyone. Raaj calls Tanvi to make a cup of tea for her as well. Rano and Raaj also join them. Raaj leaves Rano’s side of chair. Bee ji joins them. Pavan inquires about Rishi, Bee ji say has seen him. She watch him daily he is really handsome. Raaj calls Rishi, his phone gets off. Pavan wonders if Rishi is there to ruin something. Tannu brings tea, Pavan offers a cup to them first. She thinks about Pavan’s concerned voice for Saloni. Rano asks if Tannu knows about Rishi’s whereabouts. Tannu says no, and takes a leave. Pavan notices the tension, he thinks there is something wrong. He must get behind Rishi, why he isn’t home. His tea spills over his shirt, Saloni takes him inside. Raaj scolds Rano and Bee ji and goes out with his cell phone, Rano and Bee ji argue each other.
Tannu comes to the kitchen lost, she watches the thaal of Shagun. A lot echo in her mind about relation between Pavan and Saloni. Neha comes to her then apologizes if she is afraid. She inquires why Tannu is so tensed, if its really about something. She says they are now friends and she might help them. Tannu says she thinks there is something between Pavan and Saloni that is invisible. Neha says Pavan is a nice guy, she might not get anyone better than him. She tells Tannu he respects girls a lot. Tannu leaves confused. Neha thinks Pavan is a duffer, even Tannu suspects there is something between them. She wish the next five days pass in five minutes.

PRECAP: Raaj tells everyone that Rishi isn’t taking his calls, whenever he is doing something wrong he stops taking his calls.

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