Kasam 6th December 2016 Written Episode

In the room Malaika was restlessly waiting for Rishi. Rano calms her down as patience is always fruitful. Malaika was curt that in this age, patience gets a person to grave only. She was relieved that she was in the hospital where Tanuja went, and asks Rano to let her give this pregnancy news to Rishi. Rano looked forward to the time when Rishi will push Tanuja away.
Rano gets a call from Raaj who was apologetic to Rano that he left after fighting Rano. Malaika whispers in her ear to tell Raaj about Tanuja’s truth. Raaj says he had a little pain in chest today. Rano was concerned, and complains he didn’t even take her to America. Raaj agrees their views don’t match but this shouldn’t ruin their relations. Rano asks if he went to America to realize this, Raaj says he got time in America only
to think about her importance, he now thinks to take care of her for the rest of his life. Rano tells him to return soon, she is also missing him. Raaj requests Rano to remove all the impurities she has in her heart for Tanuja. Malaika asks why Rano didn’t tell Raaj about Tanuja. Rano says he is unwell, and he wouldn’t have accepted anything on a phone call. She was only waiting for Rishi.
The lights get off, Bee ji was worried and calls everyone. Some violin men and puppet dancers come inside. Rishi follows them, and sings a birthday wish for Bee ji. Manpreet, UV and others join him. Rano curses herself for forgetting about Bee ji’s birthday. Tanuja comes on stairs too, worried what if Rano tells everything to Rishi. There, Rishi was complimenting Bee ji to be hot. They suggest Bee ji’s age. Bee ji was complaining about lights going off, UV says it was because they had to give her a surprise. Rishi holds a bouquet, rolls Bee ji in dance and presents him with the flowers kneeling in front of her. Bee ji goes to get ready, to justify his poetry. Bee ji watches Tanuja there, saying she must be jealous of her. Tanuja comes to wish Bee ji and blesses her. Bee ji asks about talking to Raaj on phone. Rishi tells them about the party decorators and guests on the way, and asks everyone to get ready.
Malaika comes to Rishi to speak about Tanuja who may spoil his life. Rishi interrupts that he doesn’t want to listen anything against Tanuja only because Malaika doesn’t like her. He goes upstairs smiling towards Tanuja, who was elated. Rano overhears this, and asks Malaika why she didn’t tell Rishi about pregnancy. Malaika was upset Rishi doesn’t want to hear anything from her about Tanuja. Rano says she must do something else, and takes Malaika aside.
Ahana comes to the room, upset. Manpreet asks what the problem she is worried about is. She tries to speak about Tanuja. Manpreet tells Ahana that Rishi dearly loves Tanuja, and doesn’t listen to Ahana. He says Ahana shouldn’t know what he is aware of, that romance has returned Rishi’s life again. He thinks now there would again be guitars, flowers, music and breezes of love; this would add colors to their lives as well. He hurries Ahana to get ready and leave. Ahana was worried what will happen when Rishi comes to know about Tanuja’s pregnancy.
Tanuja comes to the room, thinking she never thought about hiding something from him. She had to do so, and can’t share this news with him. Rishi watches her and asks to find his black suit. He notices she was upset, and says he realize he was rude to her at day time. Tanuja thinks about Manpreet’s judgment. Rishi asks why is she upset, and makes her sit; wondering if someone said something to her. Tanuja begins to cry, thinking how she should tell him about this pregnancy. This isn’t the right time and she can’t tell him. Rishi was concerned for her tears, and tells her that he doesn’t care about anyone; and really cares for her. Tanuja assures no one ever said he cares for her, these tears are out of happiness. Rishi asks her not to cry, she may shout her frustration out at him but not get sentimental. He then realizes and asks her to find his black suit.
In the hospital, the nurse brings Rano and Malaika to doctor’s clinic. Malaika confirms if Rano doesn’t trust her, why they came to doctor then. Rano says they should have a proof about whatever they say, they have come here to take the reports. The doctor comes to clinic and says it’s against their policy to give reports to anyone. Rano accepts, then says Tanuja is her daughter in law and has sent them for reports. She has not told her husband about her pregnancy right now, and wants to give him a surprise with the reports. The doctor asks if they can understand why she denied giving the reports, and hands them to Rano now. Rano shows utter happiness to doctor. Malaika nods at Rano watching the reports.
In the party, Bee ji was cheerful that Rishi arranged such a huge function. She shares with Ahana that Rishi is really happy after his return from honeymoon. Rano and Malaika come to greet Bee ji, Rano says Malaika heartily bought the gift for her. Bee ji asks if she has a heart of herself and goes to greet the other guests. They all gets attentive towards Tanuja. A lady asks her about Rishi, and wonders if Tanuja doesn’t know about her husband. Malaika comes to accuse Tanuja for ruining Rishi’s mood in the birthday party. Tanuja was shocked to hear. Rano says what she will do now will spoil the birthday party. Tanuja wonders if they told Rishi about pregnancy.

PRECAP: Rishi tells Tanuja to return to the filth place she came from, with her bags packed. Malaika cheers.

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