Kasam 4th January 2017 Written Episode

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Tanuja wipes Ahana’s tears, as anyone would do this. Ahana was guilty that if there was someone in Tanuja’s place she wouldn’t have done this. She had cursed Tanuja a lot, still she kept her daughter’s grace. She joins her hands in apology again. Tanuja wants to speak something, Ahana calls her a truth. Tanuja insists Smiley belongs to her as well, she should forget about everything. Ahana wonders, how to forget; Tanuja had been leaving her family for her daughter only. Tanuja qualifies if Ahana doesn’t remember her sister Tannu in her, she is that Tannu.
Bee ji comes to scold Malaika for saying a lot to Smiley. She advices Rano to send this Malaika away from here, as she is an enemy to her Rishi and Raaj both; she won’t every get what she came here for.
Rishi was recalling all his
misbehavior with Tanuja. UV comes to him and says its life, and there are misunderstandings and mistakes in life. He must go to speak to her. Rishi didn’t have the courage to face her, he wanted her to fell but has lost his own worth in his eyes. UV insists that marriages are as strong as they are weak, he should speak to Tanuja and she will surely forgive him as she is aware what’s in his heart.
Malaika comes to the corridor, fuming in anger over bringing Tanuja here. She was helpless. She calls Shekhar to ask what she should do. Shekhar taunts he is coming with champaigne bottle to celebrate. Malaika tells Shekhar that Smiley opened her mouth this time. Malaika insists on him to come to backyard to hear the full story, as they need to plan something tonight.
Tanuja was setting her bangles near the mirror when Rishi enters the room. He walks towards her with teary eyes. Tanuja was concerned about the pain in his eyes. Rishi couldn’t match his eyes with Tanuja while he was guilty of always suspecting and accusing her. She has always loved him, but he always hated her. He couldn’t see her eyes, the pain and sacrifice in them, the respect and grace in them; she bear all the insult for his own family. He was disgusted of himself, as he can never look into her eyes. He turns away. Tanuja goes to place a hand over his shoulder, but doesn’t. Rishi turns to ask for forgiveness if possible. Tanuja wipes his tears, saying she can’t see him cry. He can scold her and be angry, she can bear anything but not the tears and pain in his eyes. Rishi accepts it hurts him a lot watching her cry. He always cried whenever she was upset, his heart cried a lot; as his heart and minds gave opposite verdicts. He spots the moon saying he used to speak to the moon saying he always spoke to this moon. He holds her hands, and cry hugging her. She hugs back, while both cry.
Tanuja accepts it was her mistake to lie to him about her pregnancy. He hurried to her when she fainted that day. She has never seen such love.

PRECAP: Rano warns Rishi about suicide if he doesn’t marry Malaika. Malaika replies he would marry Malaika tomorrow evening. Tanuja was shocked.

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