Kasam 2nd December 2016 Written Episode

In the hotel room, Raaj gets a call from America. He promises to be there soon. Rishi offers to go instead of him, but Raaj tells him to take care of Tanuja only. He instructs Rishi to take Tanuja to Dr. Sharma. Malaika was happily unpacking. Rano was also happy that Raaj is going to America, now there won’t be anyone to support Tanuja. Rano tells her about a proposal for Smiley. Malaika tells her that Tanuja had a foot strain, and Rishi took her to doctor.
In the clinic, doctor was hopeful Tanuja would get well soon. He suggests a fracture on the next day.
At home, Smiley and Manpreet were fighting over carom. Ahana comes to call them for dinner, UV joins them to play as well. He tells Bee ji that Divia and Nakul have gone for shopping. Rano and Malaika comes downstairs, and asks about Rishi
and Tanuja. Rishi helps Tanuja walk. Rishi tells Rano they had gone to doctor because she had muscle strain. Ahana was concerned, Tanuja smiles its nothing but Rishi explains doctor also advised an X-ray. Rano was worried when Rishi instructs John to serve their food in bedroom. Malaika and Rano wonder how they should separate Tanuja and Rishi. Manpreet overhears thinking Rishi is happy after so long, he won’t let anyone interfere in his love be it mom. Rishi brings Tanuja to bed and gives her water. Tanuja wish for home-made food, Rishi asks if she also likes home-made food. Tanuja smiles she likes her own made food, Rishi says he also likes her made food. She tells him it’s the first time he is complimenting her food. Malaika comes to overhear their conversation. Rishi was telling Tanuja his face is really expressive, she must have known already. Rishi begins playing Damshrad, Tanuja laughs watching his expressions and judge its beggar. Rishi makes up that its hungry. Malaika punches a vase, then runs into her room as Rishi comes out.
The next morning, Tanuja wakes Rishi up and serves him with the tea. Rishi takes a sip and asks about her foot. Rishi looks towards the clock, then hurries for video conference appointment. Tanuja still felt pain in her foot, and thinks she shouldn’t worry Rishi and herself go to doctor.
Downstairs, Malaika was shouting at John for mixing sugar in her drink. She instructs him to get another with sugar in it. Manpreet watches this, thinking its good Malaika didn’t marry Rishi. Ahana notices Manpreet staring at Malaika and asks what’s going on. Manpreet asks if she likes Malaika for Rishi or Tanuja. Ahana replies its Tanuja but… Manpreet doesn’t listen any further.
Rishi was speaking to the client through video conference, he spots Tanuja’s earring on the floor and smiles looking towards it. Manpreet comes in and spots Rishi hiding the earring. He tells Rishi only the thieves at heart do such acts, but he doesn’t need hide his feelings from Tanuja. He insists that Rishi is unable to recognize his love, the way he was smiling at this earring is love only. He always wait for tea from Tanuja, looks towards Tanuja hiding and when she is there he is always nervous. Rishi clarifies no one can take Tannu’s place, he has nothing in his heart for anyone. No one can know what he feels for anyone. Manpreet asks why is he running away from Tanuja’s love, he is lucky to get true love the second time in life. He won’t cheat anyway this way. He insists Tannu has fulfilled her promise to return, as a soul never dies; Tanuja is return of Tannu.
Tanuja arrives at the doctor’s place. Malaika watches her, then wonders what she is doing her. Tanuja confirms the doctor if these reports are positive. The doctor says all are reports are positive, they are one and a half months pregnancy. The doctor asks about her name, Tanuja says it’s Mrs. Tanuja Sikant Bedi. Malaika was in disbelief. Tanuja requests the doctor not to tell her family about this report. She requests the doctor to keep the reports here, there can be a bit of tension at home and she first needs to speak to her husband about them. Tanuja walks out of the clinic.
At home, Rishi was speaking on phone when Tanuja returns. She tells Rishi she went to doctor for foot strain, and helps her to sit down. He confirms if everything is fine, she assures nothing is wrong. Rishi hands Tanuja his earrings, Tanuja says these are her favorite and changes them. She drops one again, Rishi sits to help her and put the earring himself. Malaika returns and watches them together.

PRECAP: Malaika questions Tanuja if her mom taught her to ruin other’s homes. Tanuja was furious, but Rano comes to stop Tanuja. Ahana was shocked to watch this.

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