Kasam 28th July 2016 Written Episode

Rishi was a strict boss in office.
Bee ji prays in the morning, she brings the thaal to everyone waiting. Manpreet and his daughter Smilie stood with their hands for Prasad. Chintoo argues he must get it first, both for himself and his mother. Bee ji was curt they only care for Prasad. Manpreet comes to complain Bee ji that Chintoo always take his mother’s side. Bee ji asks Yuvraj about his son, she has done this pooja for Nakul. UV says he must be in his room, where he is shown boxing. Bee ji calls him Devdas, and heads to congratulate him for his result. Raaj stops Bee ji that Nakul passed the college one year ago. Bee ji asks what list they were watching, UV informs Bee ji that Nakul has been selected for mixed martial arts and has a fight tonight. There, Nakul does his practices, and cheers in
front of mirror. Bee ji shifts her prayers to being saved from getting beaten up. Divia calls them for breakfast, Bee ji asks why she doesn’t stop Nakul from fighting. Divia says he is fond of becoming Rishi. Nakul joins them, and asks about Rishi. Manpreet says Rishi came to know they are planning celebrations, he is such a curt man now. Raaj and Bee ji recalls that Rishi wasn’t like this always. They had just taken Tannu’s name when Rano comes there. She forbids them take her name, she saved Rishi but took his life along with her. Raaj and Rano have an argument, where Nakul calms them down.
The lady wonders why Rishi rejected her project. She says that a lady must only show case female dresses, and asks to meet Rishi. She was interested in Rishi more as he was 42 years old bachelor. She comes into Rishi’s room after opening her shirts’s neck a little deeper, and was impressed by Rishi’s personality in the first look. She finally convince Rishi to watch her presentation, Saree’s pallu of the model flew in the air. Rishi recalls Tannu’s stroller flying over his face, and shows at the lady to stop it at once. Rishi calls this love and dance to be rubbish. The lady says this stroller will show love, Rishi considers it all a rubbish. A stroller will only remind one about the betrayal one got in love. He hates the work love as well. He advices the lady to learn wear better clothes first, and never get herself disrespected and break her family’s trust. She must button her shirt before leaving. The manager and receptionist gossip about Rishi’s behavior with girls, the receptionist suggest about informing all companies how much Rishi hates girls. Rishi stood restless in his office, lost in thoughts of Tannu.
Two girls were shown playing on farms, Tanuja ran mischievously with a kite of her friend. She winks at her friend provoking her to run behind, then herself slips over a pottery clay. Her face was ruined, Tanuja calls it her country’s soil. Her friend shows her concern about the kite, as Tanuja is fine with her country’s soil over face. They come to a tube well to wash Tanuja’s face. She enjoys playing with water.

PRECAP: The friend asks Tanuja why she always stares at the moon. There Rishi thinks this moon has such a bad luck, people swear to live together under it but always end up parted away.

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