Kasam 26th December 2016 Written Episode

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Raaj tells the family about his surprise. He introduces Manpreet as girl’s father to the guests. Raaj tells the family he met them in plane and discussed about them finding a proposal for their son. He met their son and thought he is the best match for Smiley. Rishi asks isn’t it in hurry, Mr. Mehra says his son is going out of India for four months, so they want some ritual been done. Rishi comes behind Manpreet and tells him to hide the report of Tanuja. Bee ji comes in, upset that Rano was about to show Raaj the report of Tanuja. Rishi assures they have hidden it in cupboard. They get birth chart of Smiley and Bee ji downstairs. Pandit arrive, Mrs. Mehra gives Aryan’s birth chart, and Raaj gives Smiley’s birth chart. Malaika notices Tanuja being upset, and wonders what the matter is. She suggests
Tanuja must also be hungry. Pandit confirms the proposal, as 34 out of 36 house match. Raaj asks Mehra to hug him. Tanuja interferes saying no. She asks Raaj to ask Smiley and Aryan once as well. Mr. Mehra tells Tanuja that family is a bond of two families, Tanuja insists on them to ask Smiley for once. Raaj agrees with Tanuja, understanding Tanuja’s point. He and Mr. Mehra agree to let Smiley come home.
Smiley enters then, Manpreet and Divia calls her inside. Manpreet tells Smiley about the proposal of Aryan for her. Smiley looks towards Tanuja. Mr. Mehra assures that Aryan has actually come to propose her. Manpreet assures she won’t be forced. Bee ji suggest to let them meet. Rano agrees to spare them both for some time. Divia takes Smiley and Aryan into the room and leaves them there. Smiley wanted to say something to Aryan, Aryan was happy that she has something to say. He tells Aryan about his girlfriend whom he had a breakup. This time, he thought about giving his parent’s choice a chance. He was not interested about her past anyway. Smiley denies having any boyfriend. He then questions straight, if she would marry him. Smiley clutches her belly.
Pandit tells the family that 9.30 pm is an ideal time today, they must ask Smiley and Aryan. Divia goes to take them downstairs. Tanuja watches Smiley come with Aryan. Manpreet and Mr. Mehra ask Smiley about her decision, assuring they won’t go against her will. Rano asks if Smiley would marry Aryan, she says a yes. Tanuja was shocked to hear. Everyone greet each other. Bee ji sends Smiley to get ready, for some ritual today. Divia takes Smiley inside to get her ready.
Smiley cries in the room. Tanuja wonders why she didn’t tell her. Smiley cries that he has left her after a breakup. Tanuja assures to do something about it, and takes her inside. Manpreet goes to call Ahana about the good news. In the room, Divia brings out a dress for Smiley and asks her to get ready by wearing it. Smiley was ready when Tanuja enters the room. She asks Smiley about this all, after knowing everything. She asks if Smiley knows she is bearing someone else’s child, she took the blame over herself to save her and her family from disgrace. She wonders what she would do if her boyfriend knows about it. Smiley cries that he has left her, he neither cares for her nor for the child. Tanuja brings water for Smiley and gives her a glass of water. Smiley tells Tanuja that they had a breakup without any reason. She had thought to deny about the proposal, but Aryan said he also had a girlfriend and he had a breakup; he didn’t care about her past and didn’t want to listen about it. She is really guilty about not saying the truth, that she has no boyfriend. Had she told about her pregnancy, he would have said a no to marry her. Tanuja says the whole family would be disgraced if after a few days they come to know about the reality. Marriage is connected with trust, and without trust marriage isn’t marriage. Smiley reminds Tanuja about marrying Rishi with betrayal.

PRECAP: Rishi hears the voice of nausea from washroom, as Tanuja was with Smiley puking. He was broken and says now only what he wants would happen.

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