Kasam 21st December 2016 Written Episode

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Rishi lay on the couch, awake. Tanuja enters the room, and cries on the bed that there is something in her fate that is allowing her to fast for Rishi, it has been a blessing from Mata Rani that Raaj was sent here. Rishi looks towards Tanuja, thinking that if Tanuja hadn’t hurt him so much, his life would have been easy, he wouldn’t have got insomniac. Tanuja is so indifferent who is sleeping effortlessly. Tanuja now turns towards him, and wish she could tell him who is he for her. Rishi thinks he is nothing for Tanuja, then why troubling himself so much. Both cry silently.
The next morning, Rishi wakes up at the knock of door. Raaj calls from outside. Rishi jumps over the bed with Tanuja, who sits up in shock. He tells Tanuja that Raaj is there outside. Tanuja asks him to go and open the door
fast. He instructs her to go and open the door, and show as if she behaved to be a good wife. Tanuja touches Raaj’s feet as Rishi sits up in bed. Raaj calls Rishi really idle complaining why Rishi didn’t open the door himself. He advises Rishi to take his wife’s orders. Rishi asks if he came to scold them at 4 am. Raaj says he brought Sargi for Tanuja, though it has to be done by mother in law; but Rano is a bit out of control these days. He says Rano made Sargi with her own hands, but didn’t come to hand it over. He brings the tray to Tanuja. Tanuja bends to touch his feet, Raaj asks Rishi to touch his feet with Tanuja. They look at each other in bent position, while Raaj blesses them. Raaj tells Tanuja when a daughter goes to in law, she sows some new plants of relations; she become a daughter in law, sister in law but for him she is a friend. He is now relax that she will now take care of Rishi. Rishi asks Raaj to take rest now, and comes to lay beside Tanuja. Both were shocked, Tanuja sits up while Rishi apologizes and moves towards his couch.
In the morning, Malaika says she is fasting for Rishi. Bee ji says it’s for married women, and Malaika should go and find a good house and husband. Tanuja comes there, Rano offers her breakfast. Tanuja tells Rano she is fasting. Manpreet compliments that he would ask the moon to rise soon. Rano was curt at Tanuja for fasting, she spots Raaj come out and cheerfully sends Tanuja to get tea for Raaj. Raaj says Rano is a bossy mother in law. Rano complains even her mother in law is still bossy. Rishi joins for breakfast. Raaj announces he would give a surprise to everyone in the evening. Bee ji comes wondering what it would be, Raaj tells them to keep patience and hopes it to be a funny night. Raaj asks Manpreet to call Smiley home from hostel, Manpreet wants him to let it go as it would be a waste of time. Raaj insists on him to agree, then takes a sip from the tea and compliments about remembering Tannu whenever he tastes her tea. He asks Rishi if he miss Tannu, Rishi replies a lot. Raaj tells Tanuja not to think they miss Tannu while looking at her, but whenever they miss Tannu they can only see her. Tannu was Rishi’s life, but Tanuja is his universe. Their marriage was made by the Goddess, she was written in Rishi’s fate and that’s why he couldn’t stop her from entering his life. Only Manpreet was happy with this conversation.
Tanuja was working in the kitchen when Rishi comes in and drags her hand. He questions what this drama, why she fast for her is. Tanuja says Raaj even came with Sargi, Rishi insists on her to live with the lie but she shouldn’t play with their rituals. Isn’t she ashamed, he is really ashamed that she has conceived someone else’s child and is fasting for him? Tanuja says Raaj brought her the Sargi, she had to fast. Rishi suggests she should have lied that she fast, she already commit a lot of mistakes. He clutches her tight, asking why she fast. Tanuja replies she wants to fast for his life. Rishi asks her to stop betraying him any further, and he doesn’t accept her fast. Tanuja insists she accepts this fast, she wish and she would fast. The moon is still a witness, the string of their relation is still strong; and the papers that broke their relation are fake; until her name is connected with his, no one even Rishi can stop her from fasting. Rishi stares at her furiously, while she leaves.

PRECAP: Rishi forbids Tanuja to show any concern for him, there is no relation between them. He tells Tanuja she can never be his Tannu, she doesn’t even resemble Tannu.

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