Kasam 20th December 2016 Written Episode

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Manpreet lay in Bee ji’s lap, Divia was serving tea to everyone. Rishi comes downstairs to tell him about his meeting with Mr. Stallion. Rano joins them, Rishi wanted to speak to her but Raaj insists that in this ritual she is just his wife. Raaj calls Tanuja downstairs, and tells her about their unique ritual in which he brings surprise gifts for everyone. He makes a space for Tanuja near Rishi. Rano goes to drag Rishi with her, saying he is her son as well. Raaj says a mother in law is as such, no matter what. Raaj apologizes Rano for fighting with her, and asks her to get her gift from behind her cushion. She finds a Taaj Mahal in it, he sings ‘Ae meri zohra jabeen’. He tells everyone that wives never does anything wrong, deliberately. They always have pure intentions. Rishi hopes Tanuja’s mistake
was also unintentional. He then announces about a special gift for Rishi and Tanuja, get their eyes closed and rolls a baby pram. They were all shocked, Malaika was about to ask Raaj directly but Raaj clarifies it was his dream project. Raaj says he would rock Rishi’s child in this pram. Rano comes to throw the pram away, shouting that Rishi and Tanuja won’t have a child ever. Rishi shuts Rano up and drags her inside. UV and Manpreet tries to calm Raaj as Rano is angry since morning. Raaj understands something happened in his absence.
In the room, Rishi asks Rano what has happened to her. Rano was disturbed that Raaj doesn’t know about the reality of Tanuja. She won’t hide anything from Raaj anymore, and would tell him about the truth no matter what. Rishi says Raaj would die, Rano was shocked. Rishi tells her to grab Raaj’s neck, she has to choose between hatred for Tanuja or life of Raaj. He promises everything would be as she wants to.
Downstairs, Raaj says everyone is silent. He requests Bee ji to tell him about the truth. Bee ji replies there is nothing. Raaj is aware that Rano never create a mess for no reason. Malaika wants him to ask her, she would tell him about all the truth. Manpreet comes to make up that wives are as annoying to their husbands always. Raaj catches his life then takes Tanuja inside. Malaika awaits the truth to come out at the end of the day, and she gets rid of Tanuja. In the room, Raaj tells Tanuja there is no one here to make her fearful; he wants to know if Rano has yet not accepted her as her daughter in law; why Rishi dragged Rano upstairs and wanted to hide something from him. He blackmails her about his illness. Raaj accepts that his family might think that he would get ill again after hearing this. Tanuja assures everything is fine. Raaj says a sorry, for bothering her; because she must have shared anything with him. He tells Tanuja that Rano is always furious when she isn’t let to speak.
In the hall, Rano apologizes Bee ji. Bee ji says she only wants her son alive. Manpreet and UV ask Rano to decide what they would tell Raaj. Raaj comes from behind and inquires Rano why she threw the pram. Rano says Bee ji knows already, she believe on good or bad omen and did this all because bringing anything of child before birth is a bad omen. Raaj asks if she still believe on such backward omens. Rano says she is concerned for her Rishi’s children. Raaj tells UV to send the pram to their maid’s house, who recently had children. He then asks Rano to get the food served, as his hunger sparked watching her melodrama. Rishi nods at Rano, as they leave for dinner. Rishi and Tanuja look at each other.
At the dinner table, Tanuja serves everyone. Rano shows her dislike visibly, she leaves to pour food to Rishi. Raaj asks Tanuja to join them. He then notices her look towards Rano, Rishi asks Tanuja to join them. Raaj asks Rishi to serve for Tanuja with love. Raaj says she must eat whatever he serves, because tomorrow she has to stay hungry. He reminds them about Karwa-chaut, it must be the first one for Tanuja, and she would fast for Rishi’s long life. He wants it to be celebrated well tomorrow and must feel to be a festival. Malaika sat curtly.

PRECAP: Raaj says it feels as if Goddess made their marriage. Later he brings Sargi for Tanuja, she and Rishi take his blessings.

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