Kasam 19th October 2016 Written Episode

e is also in a hurry to get married, he politely removes her hand off his and leaves.
Rano was curt that they had to pay for Tanuja’s bills as well. She gets Malaika’s call who was cheerful that Rishi is ready to marry her, he asked her a lot of times about it. Rano was excited and promises to return soon. The ward boy bring receipt for her, Rano was sure that Tannu’s face would no more effect Rishi.
In his room, Rishi comes to the window and speaks to moon that Tanuja can never come between him and Tannu.
Tanuja sits up as Rano walks inside. She says she is better and can even walk home. Rano says its good, else there must have been a huge problem. She can look over all the matters at home at once. It’s a strange day, this terrorist attack made Rishi realize he loves someone dearly. Tanuja recalls his concern for herself. Rano says she knew Rishi would love someone, she told him to marry for so many times; this time he was really afraid and was afraid of losing his love. A number of colors pass Tanuja’s face. Rano says that she had to tell that girl but Rishi said he would propose that girl by himself. Tanuja finally asks where Rishi is, Rano says he must be proposing that girl, Malaika. Tanuja was shocked. Rano says she had already told her, but she didn’t know Rishi also loves Malaika. She asks Tanuja if she wasn’t happy hearing about it.
At home, Malaika runs downstairs, cheerfully announcing she is getting married. Everyone was happy except Ahana, Malaika tells Bee ji she will marry Rishi. Raaj and Ahana were shocked, Ahana confirms if Rishi proposed her. Rishi comes there. UV comes to hug Rishi twice, once from himself and once from Manpreet who was in London. Rano arrives then, announcing that Rishi has taken a huge decision of his life. Rano says she has already spoken to Pandit, they will marry Rishi day after tomorrow. UV was worried about preparations. Tanuja enters home then, Rishi stares at her upset face.

PRECAP: Malaika thanks Tanuja for saving her Rishi’s life and asks if she would help her with wedding preparations. Tanuja stares at Rishi..

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