Kasam 10th October 2016 Written Episode

Rishi and Rano were shocked to see Tanuja. Rano wonders how this is possible no one knew it was Tanuja. They consider it’s all for revenge. Rano was determined not to let her come to police, else she would speak the truth. Rano comes towards Malaika and Tanuja, she sends Malaika to Rishi and drags Tanuja outside. The crowd inside spots this, and shouts that Rano has gone out to give the victim some monetary greed.
Outside, Raaj requests the inspector, while the NGO lady comes to call him take statement of the girl. Inside, the victims question the family when Mrs. Bedi took the girl outside. Bee ji informs Raaj that the girl is Tanuja.
Rano drags Tanuja inside a room and scolds her that this is a good way of revenge. She must have thought well how to enter this house. She brought a huge storm
in Rishi’s life the day she entered this home with this face, she will further hurt Rishi and her fake face would never let him move on in life. She has already found a nice girl for Rishi. She drags Tanuja outside, showing the back door. Tanuja tries to explain she won’t say something wrong to the media. Manpreet comes to save Tanuja and tell Rano that Raaj is calling Tanuja. Manpreet asks Tanuja to come inside. Rano was worried she would state the truth in front of police.
Raaj and everyone watch Tanuja come with Manpreet. The media rushes at her, Tanuja hides her face and looks towards Rishi. The eye lock doesn’t break even when Tanuja moves forward until Rishi recalls its Tanuja. Malaika comes to take Tanuja. The media bombard Tanuja with a number of questions. Tanuja looks towards Ahana, then Rishi and their hatred for her.
Ahana brings Bee ji inside and pours her water. She asks Bee ji not to take tension, everything would be fine. Bee ji hurries to hear what she would speak. Ahana was sure she would speak against them, she isn’t Tannu. Bee ji still insists upon hearing what she would say.
Outside, the inspector asks Tanuja not to be afraid. Tanuja asks why she would be afraid, they have no mistake in whatever happened. The lady from NGO asks who was there in the car. Tanuja says she doesn’t remember anything, who was driving either Malaika or Rishi. She says they were going to Rishi’s office, and when they reached the office she came out of the car and fainted. She doesn’t know anything any further. The eyewitnesses were ready to accept. Tanuja says she is Malaika’s secretary and got a heat stroke. The lady from the NGO asks Tanuja how much she got for lying. Rano comes to counter charge the crowd. The inspector asks Tanuja if she would witness the same in court as well. Raaj asks how they can take her to court. The NGO lady says she has filed an FIR against them, she will drag them to courts now. Rishi comes to counter them, but the inspector takes Tanuja’s signature over her written statement. They ask for Tanuja’s address, Tanuja says she has no permanent address. The inspector takes the lady inside. Tanuja wish to be able to take away all of Rishi’s problems.

PRECAP: Manpreet tells Rishi that Tanuja has saved them all, they need to thanks her for this.

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