Kalash Ek Vishwaas 22nd December 2016 Written Episode

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Scene 1
Ravi says to Ambika why are you quite? You risked your life to save me? Why? Ambika says what do you want to know? What are you thinking. I will clear there is no such thinking. He says keep thinking.
Vickey comes to room and looks for the shooter. The shooter comes out with the gun. Vickey says I don’t even know you. You are doing this for money. I will give you money. He says I can’t betray my work for your money. We have rules too. Vickey says don’t you have a heart. He says stop your emotional drama. Vickey beats him and takes his gun. He says tell me whom paid you?

Navi says to saket he is your man and you don’t know where he is. Party is ending. Navi says what if someone has seen him? Saket says he are caught then. The guests are leaving. Ravi
introduces everyone to ambika. Ambika says don’t try to avoid me. What was in your mind? He says you are still thinking about it? She says I want to clear your doubt. He says I am clear. I have seen in your eyes. I know what you are trying to say. He says I got that you really love you. Way more than I love you. Ambika says I never said that. I don’t love you. He says when we were dancing why did you save me then? She says that is humanity. I would have saved anyone. I saw it and didn’t know how to react.

Vickey says tell me or I will shoot you. The shooter says two people came to me. He hits vicey and points th gun at him.
Rekha says to Sakhsi come with us. I will make your favorite dishes. Palavi says you will have to take monty’s permission. He would be so excited to talk to you. He would have missed you. He is your life partner. Sakshi says he didn’t even talk to me. He is not happy about me being back. Palavai says he is surprised. You should go and talk to him.

Sakshi comes monty and says you haven’t talked to me? Are you not happy? Monty says I cant believe you are okay suddenly. SHe says I know you would have doubts. But I am okay. He says so I should believe because you are saying that? I have to attend some guests. I will meet you later. Monty leaves.
Ambika says to Janki i am so happy to see that smile on rekha’s face. When she hugged me I felt so good. everything will be fine. Janki says yes everything will be fine. You will go and start your life once again. Ravi comes aand says what are you talking about? Ambika says why are you here? We were talking. Ravi says see ma how rude she is. Ravi says she never talks to to me with love. Janki says calm down. Ambika says he should give us privacy. Ravi says this si what i got for my love? Janki says she told me you took her on date and she was so happy. The shooter poins at them again. Sakshi sees ths hooter.
She comes in between them. The shooter shoots him. Everyone runs towards her. Ambika says e have to take her to hospital. Ravi picks her up and they rush outside.

Vicky is fainted. He wakes up. Vickey hits the shooter. Saket says you are hitting him? He is a waiter. Vickey says he is a shooter. He came to kill someone. He hit me and I fainted. I came back and saw him running, I tried to catch him. He fell from stairs. Saket says is he alive? He says yes. Janki tells him everything. Vicky says so he came to kill Ravi and Ambika? Call the police. Janki says we will know who paid him? He will stay here till then. NAvi says thats not a good idea. Janki says lock him in a room.

Precap-Janki says Navi you said we all should go to hospital now you are saying no? Why?

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