Kalash 24th June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Soraj comes to Devika and offers her drink, she says no, he says take it, its nice, Devika says okay, she tries to take one glass, he says not this one, take another one(which has poison), Devika says why? he says its already been drunk by someone else, its not fresh, Devika says then let it be, i dont like orange juice which you are suggesting, he says take it, you will like it, Devika says okay and takes juice from him.
Rekha is working in her house and recalls how she met Devika, milk boils and spills in stove, she says this is bad omen, i was lost in DEvika’s thoughts, Mata Rani nothing bad should happen to my kids. She sees glass there and says Devika brought these glass set when she got her first salary, where are you Devika? she cries and says comeback to your Chachi soon, i am dying to meet you, to hug you, why you are making me cry so much, dont be so late to come to me that i die before you come to me, please come fast, she cries.
Devika is about to drink juice but Janki says one minute, she asks Soraj if there is artificial flavor in juice? he says no its fresh. Ravi sees Soraj near Devika, Devika is about to drink juice but Ravi says one minute, he comes to Soraj and says what are you doing here? i am seeing that you are following them from much time, Devika says Mr. Garewal, Ravi says one minute, Soraj says you cant talk to me like this, i am not stalking her and why you are worrying is she your girlfriend? RAvi gets angry and slaps Soraj, Devika is shocked and says stop it, Ravi beats Soraj more, Janki and Devika are stunned, Vikas controls Ravi and says dont get involved with people like them, Devika asks Janki what is happening to Ravi? Janki says i dont know, Devika says what was the need to react like this? they are both confused with his reaction.
Nivi comes in her room and says my luck is bad, Shweta says dont worry, party is still on, your work will be done.

Nivi and Soraj gets tensed, Soraj starts leaving but Ravi stops him and says Nivi you with him? you know this man is not right, Nivi says yes, he is not good man, i was scolding him, i saw his acts thats why i thought to scold him thats why i brought him here, Ravi says why did you bring him to corner? Nivi says it wouldnt look good to scold infront of guests, she says to Soraj that dont do anything now, do work which is given to you, he leaves, Nivi says i will make sure this doesnt happen again, i am sorry, she leaves, Ravi is doubtful.
Soraj brings rope and looks at chandelier. Vikas is walking in corridor, he says Shweta is enjoying party and sent me here to bring her phone from room. He sees darkness in corridor, he sees some man there and says what he is doing in dark? He sees that he is same waiter, he says what waiter is doing here? He sees rope in his hands and says what he is upto? there is something weird, lets see. Vikas is coming near him but his phone falls from his hand, he bends to pick it up , Soraj sees him and hides. Vikas looks around and is not able to find him, Soraj thinks that he should not see me, Vikas thinks that i saw waiter here, he was upto something, i have to stop him, i have to find him, he leaves, Soraj goes to corridor again.
Manju and Shweta comes to Devika and says you are looking nice, Shweta says your dress is nice, Devika says i have ordered it from london, Shweta says i will order it too, Devika says but your husband doesnt work, how would you arrange money? Manju says we have money too, Devika says this is all your money? she says yes, Devika says seems like you are showing right on Nivi’s money after all you have done deal, i mean which mother will ask her son to marry mad girl? this is for money, you havent got money, she has made you her puppet and you people dance to her tunes, you cant get anything with this money, my mother says that every man to bear consequences of his deeds in world only, Shweta says which mother says it? Janki or Rekha? Devika gets silent listening this, Janki comes and says what kind of question is this? you have two mother? we have only one mother, it seems like you all are going mad living with Nivi, she says to Devika that why you are talking to them? these people are cheap, they dont have standard, she takes DEvika from there, Shweta asks Manju why she didnt say anything? Manju fumes in anger.

PRECAP- Ravi cups Devika’s face and says look in my eyes and answer me that you dont have what i have in my heart for you, he as pinned Devika to wall, Devika pushes him away and tries to leave but he holds her and pulls her back, he hugs her from behind, Devika is melting in his arms, she closes her eyes. .

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