Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 3rd November 2015 Written Episode

The police man turns to find Manik but Manik hides then he turns away but Nandhani makes another excuse saying that her boyfriend left her but when he asks her for his mobile number she says that he does not have any because he is a rat hearing this he gets angry meanwhile Manik hurriedly steals a bottle and goes back and then the police officer asks his junior to get ready to leave and so they go away. Manik asks Nandhani if she is happy and they both go away.
Madhiam is waiting for someone’s call on his mobile suddenly he gets a call and ask the person to send him the address and he will be there.
Nandhani and Manik both lie down and Nandhani says that she laughed like this after a long time. Manik says that he is going to get some glasses and then he goes to get them.
Aaliya and Dhruv are talking as to how will they manage their lives with the music and everything and also say as to how will Manik react to it when he will see that they have moved on. Mukti suddenly comes and says that they all will manage and will also play music besides following their passion.
Manik comes back and places two glasses made of banana leaves, Nandhani is happy to see what Manik has done and they both have a drink.
Aryaman is sitting alone where Naviya passes by and asks him if he is feeling alone and he says that he he doesnot know if he belongs here anymore now that Manik has returned but Naviya says that he is her friend and Nandhani’s also and nothing can replace that.
Madhiam reaches the place and meets the guy who says that he wants him to play the song that he played n the o2 performance with fab5 but he says that he is a one man band and will never do it again. The guy then says that if he needs some time he can have it but it is a big offer.
Nandhani and Manik both are talking while being drunk and they say that they will buy a star where they will make a big house in which everyone will live then while talking Nandhani gets tire and goes to sleep. When she wakes up and doesnot find Manik she gets tied and starts to panics then she sees him coming from the other end with tea in his hand. Nandhani rushes and hugs him and then says that he will never leave her again to which Manik also agrees.
Madhiam is talking on the phone when Aryaman comes and asks him as to what happened to which Maddy says that his phone payments have ended and he does not have money to pay them because of his own Jd.

Precap: Harshad taunts Manik that he is no longer the face of fab5 to which Manik gets angry and slams a poster of Maddy with the rest of the group.

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