Kaala Teeka 30th March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Prohit says to Vishwa will you get Kali married too? VIshwa says why don’t you adopt her? Porhit says will she be doing all rituals of a sister? Vishwa says she is a kala teeka I dont think she should be doing all that.
Kali overhears and says one day you will give me that place bady papa. You will consider me your daughter.
Yug is fixing his car. Kaka says why dont you change it. Yug says I have emotional attachment with this car. Suddenly it fumes all his face is black. He takes a selfie and sends it to kali. He says being mad at you was expensive see what happened. Kali says ‘buri nazar walay tera munh kala’ ( black face of a bad eyed man). She laughs. Yug replies sorry. She says don’t be. He texts I get mad at you sometimes. Just wanted to tell you that I am with you. Kali replies I know.
Gauri comes and takes her phone. Gauri says new phone? Where you got it from? Kali says actually.. Super market. I got it from points and lucky draw there. Gauri says wow lucky. Gauri says lets go, we have to go somewhere. Kali says where? gauri says you ask so many questions now. Papa was right, you are bit changed.

Leela is singing songs. Leela says teach your daughter how to make rotis. She makes them like maps. Sharmila says you better teach your daughter in law. She can’t even make a cup of tea. She said no to your jewelry as well, right in your face. Gauri comes in and says excuse me.
Gauri says U gave my honest opinion about jewelry. And I am doing this wedding with my will. And Kali taught me how to make rotis in childhood. In case you wanna learn she can teach you too. Leela says how are you? Gauri says I wanted to take yug with me, some friends of mine want to meet her. Leela says you can. And give this chit to your dad. Sharmila says go yug your fiance is here to take you. Gauri says all fiances can’t be so happening like me. You should be thankful to your stars. Yug says you brought kali too? She will be bored with. Gauri says I feel protected with her. People talk about girl and guy. Take example of neel and Sharmila. People talk about them. Kali says what are you saying? Gauri says nothing. Kali will stay with me.
Kali sees manjiri.

Later Gauri comes home. she says you saw yug? He was lost all the time. Kali I am so pissed. I need coffee. Kali says I will bring it. Mad comes and says look this is your wedding chunri. Wear it once. Vishwa says I will make her hear this. He is about to make her wear it, kali drops the coffee and runs to him. She throws away the chunri. Vishwa says what you did. This was shagun’s chunri. Kali says look there. There is a black scorpion on chunri. Gauri hugs her and says thank you for saving me. You saved me always. Mad says this would have bit her. Vishwa says thank you kali. Once again you did your responsibility. Vishwa says you are her real kala teeka. Gauri says I feel protected where you are. Kala takes the scorpion in a paper. She says in heart Tai ji has done this again. SHe did this once in childhood.
Prohit calls Kalyani and says your plan was ruined by kali.

Vishwa says in temple, thank you for saving Gauri. For this I will fast for 21 thursdays. Kali comes and says bady papa.. I know you think I am gauri’s kala teeka and I should always protect her. My relation with her is more than a kala teeka. She is like a sister to me. I will always protect her from troubles. but I dont do this because I am her kala tekka but because, this is my family. Can I ask you for something? He says yes. Kali says can I do the rituals like a sister in her wedding? Vishwa says I am glad to know your thoughts about family and gauri. But when you asked me for something, I thought I will give it to you.
But with regret I have to say that you can not ask for it with respect to your status. I can’t let you do that. And leela will never agree for it.
He leaves. Kali says I will be part of this family. This is my first step. I will show you that I am gauri’s sister.

Precap-Yug says I thought you are from 16th century. How do you drive? Kali says I know it. Yug says I know you must have learned it to earn Gauri a license. But what is your identity? .

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