Kaala Teeka 30th December 2016 Written Episode

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Scene 1
Naina says I don’t want to talk to you, Kali writes her name of gliter paper and says now your name will shine. She shows it to naina, its pavitra written on it. Kali says you didn’t like it? Kali sees it she is dazed. Naian throws it away. She shoves Kali. Naina looks at her toys, they start floating. A knife floats as well. Kali holds it. A table comes towards Kali. Kali runs aside. Nandu knocks at door and says open the door. Kali opens the door. He is dazed to see all the mess in the room. Nandu says what is all this? naina says go from here. Nandu says naina don’t be mad. He says you should go Kali I will talk to Naina. Nandu says is this how you talk to mama? Naina says I heard her saying she doesn’t want me to get blood. Nandu says there was some other
reason for that. Your mom has some misunderstandings towards him. Ask your heart she can never do that. Go and talk to mama. Naina runs towards Kali.
Pavitra is playing in the hall. Devri says I have to stop Naina. Naina comes downstairs. Devri makes her slip but Gauri holds her. Gauri says are you okay? you could fall. Stay here I am coming. Naina looks around for Kali. devri says you wanna talk to mama? Naina says I misbehaved with mama. I want to apologize her. Devri says come with me. He says your dad just said that to convince her. See there. Kali is playing with and hugging Pavitra. Devri says Gauri saved you and not Kali? Because Kali’s focus was on Pavitra like always. She never concentrates on you. Pavitra is her own child you are not. Pavitra is her blood. Gauri saved you because she is your real mother. She was forced to give you to Kali. Naina says but why Gauri aunty gave me to Kali? Devri says ask her yourself.

Naina asks Gauri why you gave me to mama? Kali recalls when she promised no one will talk Yug from her but she has to give Naina to Kali. Gauri says Kali is your mom. She really loves you. Naina says she is not my mom. gauri says Kali loves you more than me. Naina says she loves pavitra more. gauri says no. Naina leaves in anger. Gauri says why is Naina being so angry?
Kali says to Devri why are you poisoning her brain? She was asking gauri questions today. Naina will know who is right and who is wrong. Devri says she won’t. Because lies are deeper than truths. I am showing her reality anyway. Gauri gave her birth. No matter how much you try she will go back to Gauri. Kali says we will see. Devri says I tried to build a wall between you and Naiana. Nandu broke it. But I build it of iron this time. It’s about fourth challenge this time. Let’s see if you win or lose.

Naina recalls what Devri said. She sees her shadow in mirror, it says come here Naina. Naina starts walking towards it. Kali comes in room and sees Naina walking towards mirror she disappears. Kali comes downstairs and tells everyone. She says I saw this mirror, naina went inside it. They all come to room. nandu says how is this possible? Kali says trust me please. I saw it myself. Naina comes and says what happened? Kali is dazed. Leela says where did you go? Naina says I was here? Kali hugs her. Kali says are you okay? How you went inside mirror? Yug says it must be misunderstanding. Naina says don’t touch me. You are a liar. You fight with papa and speak ill of devri uncle. You love Pavitra more than me. She hugs Gauri and says I wanna live with my good and real mom who loves me. everyone is dazed. Kali says Naina.. Naina says let’s go mama I don’t wanna live with her. Gauri says naian listen. Naina takes gauri out. Kali is crying. Yug says Kali relax for now, let her be with Gauri. She will calm down we will bring her back. Nandu says she is a child. Don’t worry. Kali says manji ma I never thought my daughter will disown me in front of everyone. She is my daughter.

Precap-Gauri is driving with Pavitra and naina in it. Devri makes her car’s brakes fail. The car goes towards cliff. Kali comes in front of it. ..

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