Kaala Teeka 26th December 2016 Written Episode

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Scene 1
Naina comes to Nandu and says papa look at this. Nandu says I am a little busy. Naina says please papa look at this. I was a doll house like this papa people. Nandu says it is so expensive. Naina says you don’t love me. Kali says naina we love but we can’t afford it. Naina says I don’t know I was a doll house. I won’t eat until I get one. Nandu looks at it.
Yug says to nandu I asked you to arrange the papers and you couldn’t even do that? And you want 40k? Nandu leaves, Yug takes out the money but nandu has already left. Gauri tells Yug what nandu was asking for. She says Naina wanted a doll house.
Kali is cooking. Gauri says what are you cooking? Kali says for naina. Gauri says you know what she wants. Kali goes out and sees Nandu building
the doll house for Naina. He says I will make it exactly like the picture. Devri blows airs. Nandu hits his hand. Kali says I will badge it. Nandu says no no I am fine. Kali says I am bringing the first aid box. She dresses his wound. Kali stands up she she trips. Her foot hurts. Nandu hugs her. Devri says I have to create differences between nandu and Naina.

Nandu and Kali show the doll house to Naina. She goes running towards Yug and Gauri. They have bought it for her. Naina says this is so beautiful. Naina hugs Yug and says thank you it is so pretty. Nandu is upset. Yug says to nandu I didn’t know you were building it. We brought it for naina because she was very upset. Nandu leaves. Kali looks at devri in anger.
kali comes to devri stay away from my family. Devri says real father brought her happiness. Kali says nandu built it because he is her father and Yug bought it. devri says this is all book talk. Naina was happy with Yug’s. Naina has my blood in her veins. Go see the dias and see who won. Kali comes downstairs and sees the dias are not lit. Kali says no this can’t happen. I don’t wanna lose Naina like this challenge. Kali lits the candle in temple and prays. The garland falls on her. Kali comes to Naina’s room with garland. she sees naina is nowhere. Kali asks pavitra. Pavitra says I saw her going towards devri’s room.

Kali comes to devri and says where is Naina? He says look at this painting you would find answers hidden. He says womb. You have not felt pain of giving birth. How will you find her? kali runs outside.
Kali comes to jungle and says according to his painting he mentioned this place. He was talking about dark well. Kali sees the well. Kali sees Naina in a bucket. She is asleep.
Kali tries to pull her up. The pulley is huge. Kali pulls it. Devri’s faint spits back on him.

Precap-Kali keeps pulling out. She slips and the bucket falls into water.

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