Kaala Teeka 25th March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Manjiri says please leave me I don’t know what you are saying. She is about to stab her. Kali comes running and sees them. Kali picks a stone and hit Kalyani with it. Manjiri sees her in shock. Kali hugs her and says manjiri maa. Kali says I was so alone without you. I knew you were alive. I looked everywhere for you. You don’t know what happened when you were not here. I missed you every day. Can you recognize me? I am your daughter. Do you remember? I am your kali. Why are you not saying anything. Manjiri is quite.Kalyani stands up and hits Manjiri with a rod. Manjiri falls down. Kali says enough. I wont let you do this anymore. I am not that weak kali anymore. Kalyani says get lost. She shoves kali in a ditch and starts throwing sand on her. Kalyani says see manjiri now. First she saw you dying now you see her.
I will bury her here. Kali says manji maa. Manjiri opens her eyes. She stands up and tries to recall what happened in temple.

Manjiri sees kali all digged. She screams enough kalyani.. Not anymore. Now I wont let you do this to my daughter anymore. MAnjiri shoves her and she hits her head on a tree. Manjiri starts digging to take kali out. Kali gives her hand. Manjiri pulls her out. Manjiri hugs kali and cries. Manjiri says my daughter.. Kalyani stands up to hit them again, they both stop her. Manjiri throws away the road. Kali hits her and says this is to kill my manji maa. Manjiri hits her and says this si for ruining my family. They both hit her. Kalyani throws some sand in their eyes. Kali falls. Yug comes there. Kalyani is about to hit her with a stone. Yug asks are you okay pishimaa?

Precap-Manjiri says I got my daughter, my kali back. Yug says you say it kaali, she calls you kali.Manjri says she can’t answer that. She thinks she is gauri’s kala teeka. Yug says what does that mean?

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