Kaala Teeka 21st March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kalyani says why did that sound like manjiri. She turns back but manjiri had turned back too. Kalyani says how is that possible. I killed her myself. She leaves.
Kali waits for yug in garden. Yug recalls everything that happened. Yug comes in his room. Kali waits is scorching sun. Yug says she think she can apologize and I will talk. Why am I being so mad here? Why don’t I go and say all that to her. He sees her in garden. He says why should I care? She should be punished because of her lies.
Servant comes in yug’s room he says Gauri’s sister, she is waiting in garden. The sun is sharp and she is not drinking water. she will faint. Yug comes running downstairs. Kali says I have to convince him I have done so bad. She is about to faint. Yug comes and holds her. He makes her sit and gives her water. She says I wont. He says shut up and drink it. He says dont think this emotional blackmail is successful. I know how good you are in drama. she says please trust me. I didn’t wanna lie. He says what you did is unforgivable. She says I beg your pardon. Its about gauri’s life. He says you like playing with lives. I have committed so I will marry her but I don’t know what future of this wedding will be. He leaves. Kali says please help me Ram ji.

Kali comes home and says why you left us all manji maa. Please come back. A paper falls in. Kali says I should give it to bary papa. She sees some hands in the paper. The woman is wearing a bangle. She recalls manjiri saying your bary papa gave me this, its very special to me. It has VM written on it. Kali says manji ma.. This means that day what I felt was right. She is alive? What miracle is this? This can’t be a dream. this photo was taken in temple yesterday. She hugs manjiri’s photo.
Kalyani says what has she seen? Why is she running like this?

Leela is doing pooja. She says what was kalyani saying, she was quite after seeing me. what are these people plotting. Raghu comes and says congrats. Our company has gotten an award. Dad’s dream has come true. Leela says this is all because of yug’s engagement. I was scared for no reason. I have chosen the best girl.

Kali comes running to temple. She shows the picture to pandit. He says I don’t remember seeing this. I will tell you if I see her again. Kali says my heart says manjiri maa is alive. Please bring her to me. Kali writes on paper. She turns back, kalyani is there. She says what happened that you came running here? and what is this? Show me as well. What have you written? She reads the paper and says what? What is this? Kali says everyone is not like you. Humans are servants of their times. Kalyani says are you trying to say my good days are over? Kali says your countdown has started. Kalyani says you think you can save gauri? you think you are a kala teeka. Kali says no I am not she is my sister and I will save her.

Yug sees sorry written on his car. Manjiri comes to him. She says you are confused when heart and mind say differnt things. you should always listen to heart. You should forgive her. And yug, she is sorry. she repents what else can she do? Don’t let your friend go because of all this. You should forgive her.

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