Kaala Teeka 19th September 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Nandu tries to keep Naina above the water level. Vishwa calls his men. Nandu is making noise in the water tank. Vishwa says idiots you left him here. Come here fast. Kali and Manjiri are looking for Naina.

Kali says Naina is your daughter. Gauri says in heart I know your lies. You are saying that to save your daughter. Kali says I am right. Please let’s go home. Gauri says you are lying. Kali says I am not, please lets go home. Gauri looks at Naina and enter the building. she shoves Kali. Gauri comes out. Yug says is Naina okay? Gauri says she is our Naina. our lost daughter. Vishwa says what are you saying? Gauri says Kali just told me this is our baby. Yug says is that truth? Is this some kind of ugly joke? Manjiri says this is not a joke. The lie that saves a baby’s life is better than 1000 lies. Kali had to lie to save Naina and stop Gauri. After delivery women are depressed. That’s common and Gauri lost her child that is why her mental stability is lost and she tried to hurt Naina. Manjiri takes Naina from her. She gives Naina to Kali.

Gauri in home says Naina is our baby. Yug says she said that to protect Naina. gauri says you are only worried about Kali. Yug says I am loyal to you. Gauri says I lost my baby and you are not even worried. Yug says you show your emotions and I can’t. If you could see my heart you would know I love her the most.

Scene 3
Next morning, Chulbuli says maji you should talk to Yug. Yug took the baby and ran. Gauri needs treatment. Leela says Yug is mature he knows what to do.
A woman comes in crying and says save her.. they will sacrifice her. Yug says who? The woman says the baby I stole from this house. Everyone stands in shock.

Precap-The woman says my husband sold that baby. they will sacrifice her at 12. They all rush to a place in jungle she identifies.

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